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And neither does the state before 24 weeks


Genuinely surprised at how poor they’ve been on the PR front. Given that they must have 5 lamp-pole posters for every Yes one, you’d have to think there’s big money coming into the campaign from somewhere. I expected well-versed spin doctors to wheeled out for the crucial last fortnight. Instead it’s been one facepalm moment after another. Apparently (didn’t see it meself) yer wan on the telly last night claimed it wasn’t what she termed ‘white Irish’ going from here to the UK for abortions. So you can add racism to the charge sheet, let alone the blindingly obvious fact that as only the total figure of women giving Irish addresses in Britain is in the public domain and not name and address details, she couldn’t possibly have the evidence to back up that claim unless she’s claiming to have seen data acquired by hacking.


I’d give the c*nt a punch in the face if he spoke to me like that.


The problem is if Rochey hit ya you’d stay hit.


He’d punch you then tend to your injuries.

He’s a considerate sort.


I believe he would treat one to some intense palpation. Auscultation on the other hand would not be his strong point.


A riddle wrapped in an enigma


I was very close, but the kids were watching me. my youngest boy asked me when I got back, “are you ok dad?” It was that obvious ho angry I was… I just smiled and said. Yes, I can count to 10.

I’m a Pacifist! If they I annoy me, I pass a fist!

I takes me boots off before I kicks ya!

More of a squirrel wrapped in an enema!


Ah sorry, I’m mixing you up with a different Rochey so…


There’s enough of us in fairness… We had no piped telly until ma and da were well into their 50’s!


Did anyone else hear what that thundering cúnt Ronan Mullen just said on the PK show? My Jeysus. A horrible Bástárd if ever there was. He is turning no voters to yes with every word he speaks!


To the young girl in the audience?

If so surprised if he didn’t get a slap after it


Claims he can count to 10; he’s either a genius or a liar.


There’s this weird contradiction among some on the No side where their position is based upon compassion for the unborn yet at times they can show zero compassion to the living.


You know that voice in your head that goes “you may be thinking A but you need to say B in this situation”? Waters, Quinn and Mullen have repeatedly shown they’re too arrogant to listen to it. And the problem for them is that A is usually something the majority of people will find to be malignant bile.


Didn’t watch the debate … What did he say?


after a young woman had given a tearful story about she felt no support from the state, he responded “you deserve support and care regardless of what you have done”

I can kinda see the point that I presume he meant if you chose to keep the baby or have an abortion but it was a terrible choice of words. Given his views throughout though I wouldn’t put it past him to have meant it as “despite the despicable thing you have done, you deserve support”


Also said “Mental health has no evidence base” which shows a further lack of empathy.


Wow… he’s deplorable isn’t he.


He knew exactly what and how he said it.

BTW Pat Kenny is useless. He was trying to be a debatar at times instead of mediating the whole thing.