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The debate regarding 12 weeks is an important one. But as a person who was open minded in the lead up to this referendum, its difficult to get there as for many people, the obvious cases where abortion ought to be permitted, is met with a stone wall of ignorance.

I don’t see how even in the case where a person of religious or ethical conviction can get to a place to deny another their choice in the so called difficult cases.


i think most people are both pro life and pro choice -which is what mary lou mcdonald said the other night to gasps in the audience (and taken as a big victory for the no side).

So, i can be pro-life in that if we were in these situations that is where we would start out from, but I would be pro choice in general even if I would rather (not that its my business) that someone didnt chose the abortion route.


i was wondering where Declan Ganly was going on the voter thing then i remembered Donald Trumps “widespread voter fraud” thing. the save the 8th apples doent fall far from the american right wing tree.


I thought Mary Lou spoke quite well the other night in comparison to the others. Came across a seasoned debating campaigner. Although every single time she went to make a point she would start with ‘And the bottom line is this…’ or ‘Just let me say one thing to you’ which had the other panelist and audience clued in and most importantly, quiet, when she spoke.

The No side on the panel made a hames of it in my view, Dr Boylan made some good points but came across very condescending at times when his patience ran short.

Overall as someone who was waiting to be persuaded one way or the other at one point, neither side would convince me. If I was to be petty Id nearly want both sides to lose by the way they’ve carried on throughout the campaign.


Peter Boylan has delivered over 6,000 babies throughout his career. He is one of the most respected consultant obstetrician and gynaecologists in the country and the former Master of the National Maternity Hospital. He shouldn’t have to be constantly trying to shout louder than headbangers from the Iona Institute.

If people want to give more weight to the opinions of the likes of David Quinn, John McGuirk or Maria Steen from the Iona Institute than Peter Boylan then I think you need your own head examined.

If anyone watched the lady on the Late Late Show a few weeks ago tell her story about her baby with a fatal fetal abnormality then I don’t know how you could consider voting No. She was forced to travel to Liverpool to terminate the pregnancy (the child would have been born in agony and only survive for minutes if it hadn’t died before birth) … She left Liverpool and came home and could not afford to travel back over and stay over for the funeral… instead while sitting at home a few weeks later a courier arrived to her house with the ashes of her child in a box. The courier had no idea what he was delivering…

I was sitting feeding my 4 month old child just as she began to tell her story and it absolutely gutted me.

Whatever your views on abortion, voting No won’t stop it happening. But by Voting No you will directly contribute to other similar cases of hardship like that lady had to go through. Trust women to make their own decisions and at the very least allow Irish women to receive the compassionate medical attention they need in this country.


excellent post @HawkEye agree 100%.


this whole idea that you are taking away a humans rights, or that people are advocating killing babies is where i fundamentally disagree with the no side. To me an early stage pregnancy sack 2cm long with a fetal poll a couple of mm long, is not a human being, not sure at what point it becomes one exactly but i would very much be against abortions at anything like six months, which the scare mongering posters around here are saying will come in. except in certain, very sad, circumstances of course.


Mind you…


I have some reservations about voting Yes but it’s situations and stories like that - and there are many, tons - that are leading me to vote Yes. To put people through that is, to me, inhuman. It’s frightening what ‘normal’ people regularly have to go through. These aren’t pissed up young ones, they are grown women, with husbands and partners etc. It’s abhorrent that they are put through that.


I’m amazed at the reaction to the RTE thing last night. It’s Claire Byrne, and it’s RTE - what are people expecting? I can’t believe the faith or esteem people still have for that organisation.


She looks like something out of that crap c4 Tv show humans


I don’t watch it but I think she is very pretty. However it ends there as her Iona nonsense is anathema to me.




It’s s crap tv show, some of the robots are hotties, but I was actually referring to how her eyes are dead.


Mary Lou would make me vote dup (almost) but Boyd Barrett I find to be an intelligent and principled man. He s not an extremist by any account . I usually find him fairly logical in his arguments.


I can’t understand what he’s saying most of the time. I wish he’d take that silver spoon out of his mouth.


Ah, leave it out… @Wasonthehill83 is sound.


ah, he’d give you a pain in the hole with his self-righteousness & no one should have to pay for anything leftie nonsense most of the time. But he did a great job eviscerating the Israeli ambassador last November.


I actually don’t mind RBB, posh boy Murphy does my head in.


The only silver spoons we had in Drimnagh when I was growing up we eh borrowed.