Repeal the 8th - Poll


Posted by the irish times before the rte televised debate commenced last night.


i’d be the same - a snooze option for 30 days for anyone posting referendum stuff on Facebook (both sides) is in play for me also.


I realise that but apparently it was supposed to be shifting the last few weeks, I doubt a cantankerous debate on Clare Byrne changed much.


one of the weird things I find about the No side comparing our prospective abortion rate to England’s and other countries is that it seems to imply that many of the people who vote no will avail of abortion services themselves if we are to reach the likes of 1 in 5 or 90% of children diagnosed with DS to mention 2 stats bandied about a fair bit


Same principle applies, its not a ref on abortion its a ref on where that abortion happens. Unfortunately that’s the reality, there is a lot of bluster from both sides but I haven’t heard one argument which alters that.


You would be hard pushed to find someone who hasn’t an issue with unrestricted abortions up to 12 weeks, but the cold reality is that these abortions take place outside the state every day, retaining the 8th is going to do nothing to prevent these abortions.

I went into this with a very open mind, probably looking for a good reason to vote No , haven’t found one.


Pretty much where I am too. An interesting line that has been bandied about from the no side is “hard cases make bad laws” but I think it was Mary Lou last night who said, does that mean we ignore the hard cases? I think some of the clapping and cheering last night was awful, it descended into a farce, despite Claire Byrne’s efforts. A tremendously emotive subject.


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Not to make a mockery of this thread but…
Wouldn’t be throwing Claire Byrne out of the bed for eating crisps!


That is a fact!


I’d say she’d be an awful whinge-bag!


Which is worse… a whinge-bag or a gee-bag?


Interesting about where the word gee came from.

I have no opinion on which is worse. I don’t tolerate either!


a clarified-butter-bag doesn’t have the same ring to it.


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Okay now what?




I thought herself and Mary Lou were brilliant, whatever side of the debate you’re on.


Hell no…!


Clare Daly going at it now on Prime Time .
Im glad i avoided all these debates on tv , its painful .