Repeal the 8th - Poll


Agree 100%. I mean surely on an issue like this folks are able to make up their own minds. it is not like an election where candidates have to explain their programmes.


The crowd is like something out of the late late toy show. Whooping and hollering. Ffs


Years ago, in the debate, etc about making condoms widely available in Ireland, a former South Dublin Fine Gael TD (for whom I would otherwise not have much time for) was accused by someone in the Holy Rosary Brigade of “wanting to shove condoms down the throats of Irish people”.


The dirty feckers.


Twitter going nuts all night according to Mrs Babbage.
Yes crowd dont like it when they’re not getting it all their own way…there’ll be some meltdown if they lose this, the GAY witches will have to order up a bigger cauldron.


You make it sound like a game or a competition.


??? It’s a referendum. One side will win and one side will lose.


Don’t think the swing to no is happening.


There’ll be no winners whatever happens. It’s a highly emotive issue and one which carries huge trauma and suffering regardless of what way it turns out.

Watching and listening to some of the debates though it seems more like the build up to a cup final … The audience last night wouldn’t have been out of place on “Up for the match” … shameful stuff.


Very easily ignored though, i’ve barely seen campaigning at all, other then a few posters.


You mustn’t have listened to any drivetime radio or prime time television lately so?

The same topic was being discussed on RTE, Newstalk and Today FM when I got in to the car yesterday evening after work.

The Late Late show covered it in detail on Friday, Claire Byrne Live was on from 9.35pm-11.00pm last night and TV3 will be covering it this week too.

The amnesty kicks in after Wednesday next week so it’ll be wall to wall debate until then.



I think subconsciously I’ve been choosing music over the radio the last few weeks, I always do before elections/referenda and they’d all drive you mad.


You’re probably right and I might do likewise from here on in. My mind is made up already so no debate will change that.


Me too. Unless I change me mind.


The 2 extremes absolutely despise each other and any debate that has packed audiences is going to get hot and emotional.
Probably the most divisive topic since the ‘troubles’ died down.

I think we’ll all be glad when its over.


How can you be so sure?


When you analyse this coldly ( which a lot of people are understandably not doing ) this is not a vote on whether you agree with abortion or not, its a vote on whether you agree with Irish abortions happening on Irish soil or abroad ( mainly the UK ). If you vote No but want to retain the 13th amendment ( right to travel for abortion outside the state ) and the 14th amendment ( right for information on abortion outside the state ) then its Nimbyism of the highest order.

I abhor abortion in certain cases , but I will be voting yes as its not whether I agree with abortion or not , its about where that abortion happens. That’s the reality whether we like it or not, I am open to voting No but I haven’t heard one iota from the No side to change my mind.


Just as a matter of info (and not to be overly pedantic here) but the 13th and 14th don’t mention abortion. I was a young voter at the time and from what I remember they were sold as having nothing to do with Abortion.

13th: This subsection (ie the article inserted by 8th amendment) shall not limit freedom to travel between the State and another state.

14th: This subsection shall not limit freedom to obtain or make available, in the State, subject to such conditions as may be laid down by law, information relating to services lawfully available in another state.


If you want to go colder , it is a referendum to allow politicians to repeal the legislation and replace it with something new - if they can agree on it.

Mate of mine sent on a report with abortion stats in the UK (hes undecided but on the Yes side of the fence)
20 % of abortions were carried out for health issues
38% of those who had abortions in 2016 had previously had abortions.
age group with the highest percent of abortions 22 years of age.

As i stated i have an issue with unrestricted abortions up to 12 weeks, have no issues with abortions based on medical fact , sexual assault or fatal fetal abnormalities.