Repeal the 8th - Poll


Shinners supporters very conflicted by Referendum. There are reports that their supporters will vote both yes and no.




And often!


Would be interested to hear what exiled Dubs think, particularly those in countries where abortion is legal.


I would vote yes, I have no idea what the stats are like here or how they have changed, but what I do know is that classrooms are not empty and women are not just going around having abortions for the fun of it.
I do feel though that there are two or three areas that need be looked at seriously by both sides, there needs to be much more emphasis put on sexual education in schools, the numbers of teenage pregnancy needs to be brought down big time, secondly sexual offences need to be dealt with far more severely and thirdly society needs to accept young single mothers, not so sure how that is at home, but as I posted earlier in my school, run by nuns, I would not fancy being in the position of an unmarried teacher if I found myself pregnant.


Is there any weight to the argument in favour of Mass-Lite?


John Waters came across like a raving lunatic yesterday on The Sunday Show

I hear theres a 24 hour prayerathon in Roscrea on the Thursday before the vote


Waters lost the plot a long time ago


If it walks like a duck…


Morons. Both sides as bad as each other




“Repeal angels” apparently to block propaganda posters from the No side


Aiming to block the large posters of graphic images presented outside maternity hospitals


I think they turned up to counteract ‘witches 4 abortion’.
Had to be done in fairness


“Gay Witches 4 Abortion”

The mind boggles.


I think I saw them supporting Motorhead.


I’m getting a pain in my hoop with both sides taking the moral high ground and trying to ram stuff down people’s throats just like outside the Nell yesterday and I’m wondering will It turn people off voting


Claire Byrne show is getting tempestuous now!


Your one on the panel from the No side is some pain in the hoop

And the audience is making it a bit of a farce with them all clapping anytime one side make a point.


This is very difficult viewing.