Repeal the 8th - Poll


Fair point but they’ve banned all ads. Agree it shouldnt be up to them, but in the absence of regulation, i’m Glad they’be Applied a blanket ban.


Think about it: Google as the moral authority. No thanks.


Don’t agree they’ve lost the electorate at all and the health controversy is certainly not helping as it feeds into the ‘cant trust the politicians’ narrative. I think the No side are in the box seat and if they can keep the hysteria down then the Yes side have a lot of ground to make up in a fortnight. If I was given a free bet I would certainly be placing it on the No side at this time.


Ha, no indeed, no thanks. I’d trust them onl ymarginall ymore than i would Facebook.


Jesus really?


Yes. I think it’s been an awful week for the Yes side - hugely damaging.


The bookies still have it at as a likely Yes vote


I might have to get of me arse & vote so


cant see it - even here in holy god tipperary it is at best for the no side a 50/50 and regular mass goers (to give a good example) are getting annoyed with the constant lecturing from the No side. There are two people handing out leaflets for No at Roscrea masses, and it is always the same two. One person was doing it outside before Templemore last week and everyone left the leaflets in their seats afterwards.

The “Cant trust the politicians” thing will at most get No side people to stay at home. My eldest and all his friends have made sure to be registered and they are all yes. Am hearing the same in Thurles, Roscrea and Nenagh. One of the most holy joe lads i know says he knows nothing about it and isnt voting, and he complains that the mass is too short! The Yes side seems to have committed voters, cant say the same about No in my experience, but I am aware that anecdotal evidence can be misleading.


That lad needs help:)


Just get a sense of it the other way tbh @dubintipp - nothing scientific just been around a bit this week and that’s the sense I get - added to a bad week. But if there is any complacency among the Yes side (see @Tayto) that would not be good either …


AH no, I was gonna vote alright


mightn’t be a bad thing to see a tightening of the polls in that sense to remove any complancency


The Irish Psychological Society has today come out in favour of Repeal and issued a statement of 5 facts to counter the false narrative that abortions cause mental health issues in women.



It’s interesting (and worrying) seeing so many No commenters under Irish Times, and such, articles on Facebook. So many of them are American and/or created their profile this month.


I think on issue like this NO voters tend to be more vociferous, for most of them it is a moral or religious issue, the yes vote just see it as a genuine solution to a problem, but in general would be less motivated to campaign.


Copying the brexit & trump campaign tactics. Flooding comments & social media conversations


They’re even here … :open_mouth: