Repeal the 8th - Poll


Quite the collection of Irish celebs in this video…


I’m a yes voter but this nearly drove me the other way. Maybe that is down to a flaw in me.


Trust me there is far more no stuff around to drive you to a yes …


I couldn’t bring myself to listen to it with the sound on…


I didn’t even look at it tbh … I’m not even sure that Irish and celeb should ever be in the same sentence …


It’s the.mix of unwashed grunge and D4 Sorcha that makes me reach for the AK47.


Cringe tbh.


Do we take it that you’ve had your nuts ‘isolated’ so?


Question for you. How do you feel about organ donation?


On the contrary, I reserve the right to add to the worlds overpopulation problem. :expressionless:


So who does ‘the less the better’ apply to? Africans? Asians?
Would you not lead by example here :slight_smile:


Nope. Just everyone else. I’m greedy & selfish. :grinning:


not exactly difficult to get around i’d imagine but at least they acknowledge that it is happening.


Elaborate please?


Do you think that people should be mandated to give blood without any choice or be forced to donate kidneys while alive for example?



I can guess which Cul-de-sac you’re driving down now though


Good to know. Can you not see the inherent contradictions in your view point?

In both situations, one person has the ability all things going well to help another living thing survive through the use of their own body. Why do you think one is different from the other?


Every individual has an inalienable responsibility for looking after his/her children. This is governed by the laws of decency and civilisation.
For the unborn child this is also biologically hardwired meaning nature does not provide options…you have to actually go out your way to intentionally destroy the baby.

Meanwhile, as civilised people, we have other responsibilities to our community and society but they are not inalienable…as is reflected in law etc.


I think it depends on at what point do you consider it a baby as opposed to some cells. Heard the other day that the miscarriage rate overall is something like 50%, a huge proportion of those occurring in early pregnancy.

These are not mourned as if someone lost a two year old, so there an inherent distinction, as well ther should be.

I would not be in favor of late term abortions, except in the case of an emergency but when you are talking about a 2 cm long sack with a few cells in it, it’s not a ‘baby’ in my opinion.

Others disagree with that viewpoint, which is their right, I think that’s a main different between yes & no camps?


Virtually every society in the western world has some form of abortion so I wouldn’t deem that to be a true statement but I can see the logic of it and understand where you’re coming from. As Tayto points out though it depends on where you deem a foetus to be a child.

Does that also weaken the argument of adoption instead of abortion?

I don’t see a huge difference in the two scenarios I mentioned above with the exception being that most of us were educated under the assumption that abortion is wrong whereas there’s very little thought given towards donership

Do you also believe that a 1 month old embryo is of equal importance to a fully formed woman carrying it? That’s the issue with the 8th for me over and above any consideration of abortion