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Indeed Spain is a ‘post-catholic’ country so we could expect a similar fall out unfortunately:

Spain 2013
Number of registered births: 425390
Number of abortions: 108690

If we allow for 3.5% miscarriage rate post 1st trimester

% of abortions = 108690(1086900+(425390*1.035))
= 19.8%.

So you reckon ‘no chance 10,000’. I’d gladly take you up on your ‘bet’. I’d bet €10000 that your ‘no chance’ figure will be exceeded within 25 years. now how do we arrange this wager??


I wondered why you randomly chose 2013 as a reference year. A quick google shows me that 2013 had the highest % of abortions ever in Spain. There is, of course, more recent data but the rates are lower so no point using them


Seriously selective statistic selection.


Amazing Attempt At Alliteration :slight_smile:


em no there were 116,000 in 2011 for example.

The source I looked at had 2014 as the final year that the data was shown for. For the 10 years leading up to that, the average was 106,000




An integer is not a percentage


17.8% in 2015.
Is that enough for you or would you like to see it at a steady 20% before you consider it an uncomfortable statistic?

Would you care if it was 30%? 50%


We cannot predict what the percentage will be. Basing it on what other countries have is not statistically sound.
Would I care? Well I’d have compassion towards the women that had the abortions as it’s usually not an easy decision, and often not an uncomfortable experience, but beyond that I don’t see the foetus as a baby so it wouldn’t worry me.

I think it would be better for us to have a 20% rate than exporting a 15% rate and having a 5% rate of unwanted babies (due to financial, or other, pressure).


EU average is about 20% on a decreasing trend. Peaks out with Romania at 37% and Slovakia with 12% per 1000 live births. But I don’t see how those statistics are important without knowing at what stage the termination occurs at.


The less humans the world produces the better.


you and your liberal agenda!!!:rage::rage::rage:


Hey, That was my fascist agenda.


Stats in other countries are pretty much irrelevant as it depends on so many factors socially that can vary alot depending on the country you are from. I am sure it is not the same being a 16 year old mother in Sweden as it is in Rumania. Even here in Spain , if I was a single female teacher I wouldnt fancy going in to tell the head nun in my school that I am pregnant.


Listening to the Second Captains football pod. Tagged on at the end , they said to people to make sure they were registered to vote in the referendum . Thought it was odd tbh.


Getting young people to vote :ballot_box:


Bad idea. They’re up to no good, those young people. The youth - a dodgy lot.


You mean you’re not???


It was silly old farts who voted in brexit and trump so get the kids registered.


How are they going to vote? You can’t do it with a swipe on your phone! You have to read the ballot paper and then use a pencil! You can’t look at another young person and copy them! :rofl:

I fully agree Tayto. I think the young will vote alright or at least I hope they do.