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So you reckon on one hand that we’ll ‘‘have similar figures here’’ to European countries and then predict that we’ll have 5K abortions per year!

Trends in Europe have shown a rapid increase in the abortion rate once it is legalised. If we follow the European norms and head to a 20% abortion rate (as exists in the UK France Spain… please dont try to contest these figures without googling them by the way) this will equate to 13,000 in the medium term.

I think everyone will agree that abortions are not a good thing. The data shows that legalisation means a dramatic uptake and this is the reason that people are opposed to ‘repeal’.


Just wondering where you have got the figures for abortion increasing? The links I have seen show that abortion decreases when legalised but there might be more European centric as opposed to global studies done elsewhere


Trends in Europe have shown a rapid increase in the abortion rate once it is legalised.

Google any country, from the date it was legalised.


Portugal saw a spike in abortions as Ireland would when it legalised abortions in 2007 but has seen them steadily decease since by about 25%


I said similar percentages of abortions terminated by pill.

Doubtless some women here would have abortions if not for the expense and inconvenience of having to travel to England. But 10,000 a year? Not a chance. By your reckoning, only 27% of women in Ireland who would have an abortion if it were available here are currently having one. Given that financial status has been identified as either a major or the biggest factor in the decision to have an abortion in 75% of cases in England and Wales, that simply doesn’t stack up. It costs anything up to a quarter of a million to raise a child. An abortion, flights included, typically costs around €700. It’s an absolute no-brainer for anybody in that situation.

Conservative Ireland told us our divorce rate would be the same as the UK’s within a few years of its introduction here. That proved to be a whopping lie (it’s about one third of theirs and bureaucracy cannot account for such a huge difference) and so will your 20%. Despite the decline in religious practice, Ireland remains a socially conservative country to an extent even most of us don’t appreciate. It’s really only when you leave the place or experience another culture you see how relatively repressed ours remains.


The rate is 13% in Spain, so please don’t try to quote these figures without googling them.

It’s less than 11% in Italy too. Both traditionally Catholic countries you’ll note.

5,500 abortions a year here would constitute an abortion rate of just under 9%. I’ll wager good money it’ll settle in that ballpark. Another factor that will keep the abortion rate low here is that, like it or not, a lot of people who frankly aren’t in a position to be having kids (either financially or in terms of maturity) are doing so to qualify for the housing and social welfare entitlements they bring. Abortion will make no difference to them as their pregnancies are neither unplanned nor unwanted.


Plus you would assume the ‘pre-legalised’ or illegal figures to be underreported, naturally. A reported increase once legalised might simply be the true figure.


suspect you’re on to something there.


So with about half the FF party campaigning for a No vote - Do people still think a yes vote will deliver what it is suppose to achieve ? Can see a similar split in FG.

Will Lucinda and Renua get up and running again ?


I think turnout will decide this rather than politicians. Gay marriage ref had about 60% turnout as the traditional disenfranchised groups were engaged. Opinion polls will probably prove correct if the turnout is high. All bets off otherwise imo.


the last referendum and this one have been relevant things to everyday life to vote on.

This one is proposing replacing the 8th with legislation to be decided on by TD’s.


Complete miss read on my part. Apols


Renua posters are up anyway, would be fitting (if that’s the sentiment) if this campaign both them back to political life.


Renua is at 1% and there are some serious crackpots in there which will keep them at that 1%.

Its clear that the No campaign are waging a two satge process here, first the referendum, second the TD’s. Even though the same TD’s would ahve been either against the Marraige Referendum or hid away from it the reality is that it was passed virtually everywhere even in tipperary “the most catholic county in ireland”. All the FG and FF TD’s and councillers hid during that one, fearing their voters would turn on them. A lot of FF grass roots here joined the Marraige Equality Campaign instead. Although Jackie Cahill will be in pics like that I dont expect him to canvass or do anything like that for the No side down here either.

If the Yes wins by enough the TD’s will be able to resist the No camp at legislation time by saying the people knew what the proposed legislation was in voting yes (sure its on all the No posters) swo we can hardly go against it here…