Repeal the 8th - Poll


Exactly. the idea that a sack of cells 2 cm long has the same rights as a person doesn’t make any sense to me. Do we have funerals for miscarriages? because if we did you’d be going to funerals all the time.


When we as a nation voted to allow the provision of information on abortion services and the right to access those services in a referendum we lost all moral ground to keep the 8th (if you accept there ever was any in the first place).

The reality always was the boat or the flight to England. When we as a nation had a choice between losing EU membership beniefits or passing the freedom of travel and information referendums we passed the latter. We also, dont forget, rejected an attempt to roll back the X case. We ahve had abortion in Ireland since 1983, they just happen in England and in those referendums we offically said that was good. Now, had repeal the 8th been on those ballots would we have done it? I would like to think so.

The reality is that because of Abortion Pills and travel all the 8th does is to satisfy the feelings of some elements in society that we are still a catholic god loving country. Due to freedom of movement of goods, services and people the 8th has no practical application in Ireland - if you have the money to avoid it.

When you see Mary O’Rourke saying she helped pay for two women to get abortions in the UK you get a small insight into the curtain twitching society we are in many respects. Export the problem, sweep it under the carpet, out of sight in Godless Albion is out of mind.

The fact that it is the No side who keep coming up with fakery be it fake nurses, fake doctors, fake human rights lawyers, fake RTE News websites and you tube channel, fake “undecided 8th” websites designed to make you think it if the referendum commission site.

It is the No side who are bizzarrly picketing maternity hospitals with graphic images for women going past about to give birth or maybe suffering from miscarraiges. Why? Why not just put out your message without this sort of stuff? Why are there so many stories of No canvassers being so down right nastty to anyone who opposes their view at the doorsteps? Why is the No campaign so full of American Chirstian Evangelical money and volunteers? Cant they rise it themselves or have Irish people? Maybe there are so few willing to go along with them, maybe that should be telling them something. Talk about shooting themselves in the foot.

I respect the No side’s message, they passionatly believe in it, fine. I dont agree with it. This is about choice, not actual abortion, which is happening anyway as I said. It is about allowing Irish women to do legally what they are doing anyway, and access services available to them anywhere else they want to have them at home.


Choice of what though ?


Primarily, the choice of acknowledging the reality that Irish women are having abortions and how best to deal with that or continuing to indulge the fantasy that they’re not.


Choice of a number of things.

First and foremost is the provision of abortion services in Ireland and not forcing women abroad or into unsupervised medical procedures

Secondly its the choice to have best medical practice and not be in a situation where a doctor has to judge just how sick you are and whether to give you the treatment you require

Thirdly it’s a choice for women to have to be asked for consent over regular medical procedures particularly at the end of pregnancy


Really sorry to hear what has been your journey and appreciate how difficult it is, something that will always be part of your life, your partners and your families. I complement your awareness and strength in support and care.
I have no doubt from personal experience that the trials of dealing and coping with unsuccessful pregnancy is emotional and physicals painful, all be it as a male.
When you say people don’t consider termination flippantly, I would question with so much prevention available, surely the numbers that are terminating disprove that.


Irish women are currently having abortions, they’re just having them in UK. Repealing the 8th simply allows them to have them in Ireland, that’s the way I see it.

I have huge respect for anybody who partakes in public debate on this issue. The Late Late show last Friday night for example was a very respectful and dignified debate but unfortunately some on the No side aren’t showing any dignity or respect.

My 14 year old daughter was at home last week at around 7pm and two No campaigners knocked on the door. She didn’t answer the door but looked out the window and there was a third campaigner at the end of our garden holding a large poster with a picture of a dead foetus on it.


Condoms break Napper. The pill doesn’t always work. In the former case a Morning After Pill gives you a second chance but its effectiveness drops beyond 24 hours and you’d be surprised how hard it can be to get your hands on one at weekends, especially outside the cities or if you’re under 18. Beyond those, there are also situations where a woman may be in a relationship where she doesn’t want to get pregnant but can’t openly use contraception for fear of her partner’s reaction. 80% of abortions in England and Wales are carried out on women over 30, which suggests the latter scenario is much more common than people acknowledge.


On the Last point no birth control is 100% effective.


@DUB09’s personality is about as close as you get to a 100% contraception.


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I had long hair in my teens. That was up there with the chastity belt in terms of effectiveness.


The difference between both sides imo, is that it is possible to be personally anti abortion yet vote repeal on the basis of non judgement without knowing context. I don’t see the same possibility from the No side.


I’ve a good mind to send him a French … I mean solicitor’s letter …


Good job I didn’t go with the crude version so…


Was back in Dublin for the weekend, in general I found the posters for the No campaign to be very aggressive and even offensive, they seemed to make out that the other side were pro abortion, I don’t think anyone is pro abortion. they seemed to be almost saying that there are people out there who want to kill babies, really over the top IMO and far from accurate too.
I can understand their arguments, but think pointing the finger and judging others is not the way to put forward a just argument the posters would almost make a person in favour of yes feel like some kind of criminal.


Election/Referendum posters, in general, are an abomination on the cityscape/landscape and should be banned, in my opinion. Especially ones done with the distaste you mention.
Are lampposts littered them in Spain when there are elections?


Yep, but there are rules, each party is allocated different zones and the quality of the actual posters are better so they don’t end up tearing up, the parties then have to take them down shortly after the election and in general they do.


Looks like the politicians are far better looking too!


A good looking asshole:)