Recommend a movie / documentary


John C Reilly and whatshisname the Alan Partridge guy have done a Laurel and Hardy film.


Black 47

Title is kinda misleading if ya assume its a film about the famine . More of a western story based during this time . Worth a watch if that type of thing floats your boat .


Looks like a fat Jeff Daniels


I look forward to to this.



Enjoyed it , decent performances from Malek & Hunnam. Havnt seen the original in years so can’t comment if it’s a decent remake but I think they did a good job of it . Only thing is Hunnam may be falling into the trap of been type cast after Sons of Anarchy .


Nothing will top the original.


Black 47 is a Connemara version of the Outlaw Josey Wales. It was worth the $6 admission fee.


3 billboards ,fooking mental.


Watched it other night. Great movie.


Watched it last week. Thought it was excellent. Sam Rockwell was brilliant


That was a good one.


Enjoy his films but probably not far off the mark.


His first two were great (though Res Dubs…eh, Dogs, was apparently ripping off some Asian movie). Every one since then was crap.


As Morricone does not speak English very well I wonder how much of this is lost in translation.

I don’t agree. I think he’s an extraordinary talent. All of his films bar maybe the Hateful Eight stand up to repeated viewing. So what if he’s mashing stuff together. People have been doing it for decades, indeed hundreds of years if you want to include music.


Never liked most of his movies, all pseudo clever style (of a high standard, plenty of great things to look at, and tension) but very little substance. Gratuitous violence, even glorified violence. And he looks and sounds like a smarmy git. No real heart and soul for me.

Mind you, could say the same for some of the “Spaghetti Westerns” that Morricone’s music was made very famous from.


Fully agree with that.
As a person , I had read some questionable stuff recently on set about him, think it might have been in relation to Uma Thurman on Kill Bill .
He must have rubbed Morricone badly for him to come out with stuff like that which resulted in the hatchet job . Funny considering he won his first & only Oscar off the back of The Hateful 8.


I’ve no doubt he could be hard to work with yet multiple people in front of and behind the camera continue to do his films. No idea what Morricone’s beef is either considering he won his only competitive Oscar for a Tarantino film!

The Uma Thurman thing was when he pushed her into a car stunt she didn’t want to do and she got hurt. They’ve since reconciled over it. Kill Bill was as much her baby as his.

And in fairness how many directors can stand up to being compared to Hitchcock and Billy Wilder?

And as good and all as he is Morricone did a lot of hack work!


What do you mean by that?


That he worked on plenty of rubbish movies by bad directors.


Gotcha ya. Though as someone else pointed out I’d be interested as to why he and Question have had a fallen out