Recommend a movie / documentary



Anyone seen any good movies/documentaries lately?


Tootsie versus Mrs doubhtfire. A film to determine who was the biggest drag. Watch it on Blu Ray.


Can you prove you did :wink:

And I think you’d have to prove TL, whoever he is, saw those posts.

All getting a bit silly lads


If I’d had all that botched plastic surgery I’d be angry too *

  • in before Rochey says “you mean you haven’t?”




Alan, what I said is true. Read back over my posts. You got involved for no reason and now you regret that. You are painful and rather priapismic in my view.


Ah here…I know he’s from Vincents, but he’s not that bad.


Nice, more usually “suffered” as a result of a spinal chord injury mind you!


Those were the days


Oral Tinsley on RTE 1 tv now. She is so strong but cystic fibrosis is heart breaking.


Amazing young woman. But jesus it is a tough watch.


Cystic Fibrosis is the worst