Recommend a movie / documentary


I’ve read your posts.


Quote the racist bits if you can. Your last post completely misread what I was saying. You just called me a racist. That’s serious. Prove it or withdraw it.


I’ve read all your posts.


So quote the racist ones or have the balls to withdraw what you just said.


Balls me hole.I’ve read your posts and drawn my conclusions. Pointing out faults to the likes of you is a waste of time because you don’t see them as such. If you want to sue me, let me know and I’ll quote you chapter and verse - until then, ■■■■ off.


I see. So you had a look back but you cannot find anything. You thought you would but when it came to it, you couldn’t. If I decided to sue you, you’d be fcuked. Your conclusions are subjective and wouldn’t wash in court. You’re a tough man behind a keyboard.


I read your stuff as part of a thread, as it comes in, and that’s where I base my opinion. It’s all there.

As for court, it’s all subjective until then.


We’d have to know who you are before you could be defamed. An internet username cannot claim defamation as no one knows who s/he is.


Thanks Alan.


I put my name and profession up here previously.


I don’t know who you are or what you do - and it wouldn’t influence my opinion of what you’ve posted previously.

Either court or ■■■■ off, you were told.


So what movie was it again…


When Harry Met Sally.


You say that but seeing as I posted my identity on here before plus identifiers, you would need to prove that you never saw those posts. Where is your Barrister Alan now?
For the record, I wouldn’t bother pursuing you in court. I’d be too scared.


Yeah that’s caused a few Barney’s over the years in my gaff. Billy fucking crystal.





Wait… Iomaint is Billy Crystal???


Seems too angry to be meg Ryan.


TL was exceptional in The Crying Game though.