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Jaysus - a bit harsh?


I think the fact I post here proves I have a sense of humour…no? :wink:


I thought Dub09’s comment was a bit crass.


Yer a good poster mayoman but there was a bit of the morrisey misery in your reply to dub09 s wisecrack.


Was it really? I genuinely believe @mayoman used a bit of humour mixed with a very valid point on the famine.
I genuinely like most of your posts, @Wasonthehill83 - but I disagree with you here. The famine desecrated and devastated the country, some regions more than others.

I often wonder how Ireland would be nowadays, if the famine hadn’t been allowed to happen (let’s face it, it was largely preventable) and if independence had been achieved in a similar timeframe.


I know my history beeko and I m not mocking the famine but it was a harmless enough wisecrack. How many times have we heard all Ireland winners roar the famine is over. Are they belittling the famine too by comparing human starvation to a sporting drought. Let’s not get too pious here. I will desist if it offends folk I m a reasonable individual.


From a population of 8 million, 2 million died and 2 million left. Our population at home therefore halved. Momentous and dreadful. The country was decimated, especially the West. We never talk about it and we should. Anyway, back to the thread.


■■■■ me … if ever a man could retract a post … :flushed:

I love you @mayoman


And yet some people in Ireland constantly mock and blame refugees and asylum seekers for crime here


I didn’t read @mayoman’s post as being in misery. Maybe I’m reading both you and him wrong.
Anyway, we’ve our own one-year famine to overcome on Sunday. Up Da Dubs.




I’ll give you QOTW for that.


There is no link between my point and your poor attempt to have a pop at me. You need to get over it. You didn’t win that debate.


Indeed. You won. You’re the biggest boy in the schoolyard.
I just can’t stand double standards.


:+1: up da bleeding dubs


So if I lament the lack of comment on the famine, I cannot call out newcomers for behaving like scobes? You’re gas.


What about the Armenians…??


Did their spuds die too?


For a Catholic racist that’s sum cold shit.


What are you talking about? Are you talking to me? There was genocide in Armenia but that is nothing to do with what Aliveoh is trying to say about me. Am I misunderstanding?

Also I’m not Catholic and if you have any evidence that I am racist, stick it on here or fcuk up.