Recommend a movie / documentary


@Rochey that '89 Arsenal documentary is up online to download . If ya need a link pm me !


Would love that link too @Unbelievable


Would give anything to see United win a league this way although with the goal being scored into the Kop :grin:


Lucky for you Jimmy Savile’s dead so…


United won a league last week at home …


Just finished it there . Man , I’d forgotten so many of the details of that game . The dispute over whether it was a direct or indirect free kick for Smith’s goal . Barnes going for a goal at the end when he could have just wound down time at the corner flag . Lucky bounce off Nicol for Thomas goal . Apart from the events that preceded that game but that was a horrible way to lose .




Keanu returning to his level of acting :joy:.
Im all in !


Started watching series 1 of catastrophe on the weekend. Funny show


Where can you see the film Cal. Is it on sky movies or Netflix etc


Those oldies can sometimes be most easily got on youtube. Alot of stuff is not on Netflix, don’t know about Sky Movies. Or, you can just hunt around for a link for it on the Net but if you’ve never done that beware you will have to get through a load of pop-ups and fake links.


Its on Terrarium Tv. Quality looks like VHS though .


I can’t improve on the answers given!


Excellent watch , raging at that prick Peter Robinson showing up trying to discredit the hunger strike , knacker .
Hunger is an extraordinary film , i think its Fassbenders best role to date.


What? Better than this?


Next Goal Wins. Fly on the wall documentary following American Samoa, the team regarded as the worst international football team of all time. It’s a must see for anyone with even the slightest interest in the game. Fantastic documentary


This is coming out later on in the year and looks amazing especially for anyone into their history. It’s about the Israelis capture of Adolf Eichamann with Eichmann played by Ben Kingsley


Oliver Stone’s American History


This looks like it’s going to be unintentionally funny :rofl:


Anything with Eric Roberts will have high comedic value !