Recommend a movie / documentary


The Death of Yugoslavia. Excellent 6 part BBC documentary from the 1990s about the break up of Yugoslavia


Midnight run. Brilliant. Love that film.


One of the best Irish films that rarely gets a mention. Aidan Quinn was excellent.


I know it’s recent enough This is England film and successive series.


Jim broadbent any human heart. Book was great.


As poignant as it is funny.


Watching ‘Wild Wild Country’ on Netflix at the moment. 6-part documentary series based on a true story of how a religious sect in India upped sticks and tried to build their own city in the wilds of Oregon in the early '80s, taking over a tiny rural town in the process. Mad stuff Ted.


It’s brilliant. Tragic story. What people will do for power…



The postmodern world where nothing is real. That Jeremy guy, with the babe magnet handle @xelnia, is thorough.


For a documentary, ‘The Greatest Field Game in the World’ was wonderful. Watching Ramie Dowling making a hurl- a labour of love! There was a set of documentaries called ‘Hands’ - about Irish trades such as basketry. They were absolutely excellent. Very old though! They are on YouTube. Here is one:


“The Funeral Murders” about the 1988 fortnight of terror at two funerals in Milltown Cemetery in Belfast


Excellent new doc about Andre the Giant from HBO . Must watch for fans of that wrestling era but also a good watch to relive the myth of the man . It’s available online


In keeping with current events I would recommend the BBC drama threads. It’s about two hours long and almost s documentary. Saw it when broadcast and then again a few years ago. Couldn’t sleep,after either time.

The 4th act, about the ballymun regeneration, which was on tv3 recently, is a good one too.


In keeping with current events? What drama threads?



In fairness it might have done Sheffield a bit of a favour…:wink:


Where can I watch that? Was it on RTE?


It was on BBC, I forgot to record it so if you go to MVGroup website, you can download it.


I’ve actually found that online but I can’t bring myself to watch it after your review of it before :open_mouth: