Recommend a movie / documentary


There was a trailer for an upcoming documentary about Ballymun Kickhams/ Ballymun during one of the matches over the weekend. I’m almost sure it was on Eir. Does anyone have any info?
Sounds like a stupid question from a Mun man but I’m the best part of 38 years in the land of Peaches and Trump and Res Dubs is full of erudite and up to date posters what better place to ask? Cheers.


Yes, it’s on Eir within the next few weeks. I’ll let you know when the date/time is announced.


Just don’t forget us @Rochey when you’re famous…


All my work was the dark side of the camera on this one!


I read that the Jackson family are bringing a $100m lawsuit against HBO. I suppose they have to respond like this and also, where do they pull such round figures from for these type of things.


Its called a drummer, A figure they pull from their arse.

Copyright David Drum.


Whats all the hullabaloo about the Captain Marvel movie . Seeing lots of shite about it on Twitter. Targeting the star Brie Larson , etc.
Male fanboys appear to have a big issue with it .


It’s a perfectly fine Marvel movie, not their best and not their worst. However a bunch of but-hurt male trolls have it in for the movie purely on the basis that it has a female lead and are trying to talk it down online since before it even opened.


Its bizarre. Remember they had an issue with the casting of Gal Gadot because she didn’t fit their idea of what Wonder Woman should look like .


Thought all those same weirdos had their heads explode when the all female Ghostbusters came out?

Or maybe it wasn’t the end of the world?


Yeah. But giving The Sunday Game to a slip of a girleen too?

'Tis political correctness run amok like…

Where will it all end lads ? :wink:


TooMe Raider


Just seen it there. Entertaining as the Avenger films normally are. Larson was grand but people need to give out about something I suppose


Yeah will catch it at some stage. These fanboys take this stuff way too seriously .



Ok so have been introducing the wee lad to all things 80’s. Thinks Molly rigwald has big teeth, cheeky fucker. So tonight we watch The Highlander. Where a French Canadian actor plays a Scot and a Scot plays an Egyptian and they great Clancy Brown plays a really evil ■■■■. Probably one of the most stupid films of the 80;s but ■■■■ it I am going to enjoy it.


Clancy Brown played the villain’s role brilliantly.



Escape at Dannemora

Starts off as a slow burner but gets really good . Great performance from Patricia Arquette . 7 episodes about an hour each , last one hour & half . Based on a true story . Loads of wtf moments, especially one complete episode of note .


Arquette was very good. But I found the whole thing ridiculously dragged out, the last episode in particular.

The latest True Detective with Mahershala Ali I thought was fantastic.