Recommend a movie / documentary


The Francis Whately triptych of Bowie documentaries is excellent.


Really enjoyed the performances in that.



The Favourite

Didnt think I’d like it but was very good. Full of funny moments , deceit, wtf scenarios . Wondered what all the fuss was about Colman winning the Oscar but she was brilliant. After seeing it , wouldn’t have been shocked it Stone or Weiss would have received awards for supporting actress too . Hoult was very good too .Pity Gatess didn’t have a bigger role , excellent actor .

Sidenote, director also did The Lobster . Could not get into that film at all.


Thought Rachel Weiss really brilliant. Coleman is hardly in the first half of the film but earned her cheque in the second half. It’s a weird film, I’ll need to watch it again, hard to warm to it.


Pretty much , was wondering when her winning performance would kick in. It’s an odd film , not surprised by who directed it.


The Hulu 10 part series “The Looming tower” started on rte Monday night and follows the intelligence screws ups that led to 9/11 and one mans fight to share intelligence. That man, John O’Neill is played by Jeff Daniels who is a great actor. I like the series so far.


That’s really good.


“Losers” on Netflix is excellent.




Ah now - Crown goes to liverpool.
Lost league cup Final
UEFA cup final
CL Final
7 point lead in the league


Yikes …

ps it was 9 points


Sky Arts have a series of interviews (available for download on the Sky Player) where Brian Johnson, lead singer with AC/DC travels around and does one hour chats with a number of rock stars such as including Robert Plant, Sting, Roger Daltrey, Lars Ulrich, Nick Mason, Joe Elliott.

They discuss their early days, how they got to where they are now etc. I know their music may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the interviews are enjoyable and worth a watch.


Nice one :love_you_gesture:


You’re not as sensitive.


Anyone watch Leaving Neverland last night?


Had to switch it off, was making me ill


That Bad !!!

Imagine the twitter world if it was around during jacksons trial


Watched Abducted In Plain Sight last week and between that and Leaving Neverland I was asking myself why the f**k would any parent let their child sleep in the same bed as an adult stranger!!

But watching that doc last night I was reminded of the film Wild Things(Denise Richards and Neve Campbell) where the two stories are identical from the two boys near word for word. Actually must watch Wild Things again


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That Bad !!!