Recommend a movie / documentary


■■■■ sake. Super Bowl ad. Even worse with Sarah Jessica Footface.


The Almighty $


Getting absolutely slaughtered in the replies :rofl:


Well, no surprise there. With his rent, what must it be? 30 years over due, and the ruthless regime in govt in the USA now, I’d say the Dude has to do anything for a dollar, even try to rip-off some Nihilists…


That’s poxy.


I was thinking about people’s favourite clips or scenes from movies the other day, could be worth a thread. And then there’s great lines…

Danny in Hot Fuzz when he’s trying to argue with his hero Nicolas who’s claiming Danny’s dad is behind all the murders:

“It’s Frank! He’s made himself judge, jury and executioner!”
“He is not Judge Judy and executioner!”


Tyrion Lannister had a multitude of great lines I particularly liked this one

Why are all the Gods such vicious cu nts, where is the God of tits and wine?


Awful stuff. Still, woulda been a shock if the Coens had got involved in a sequel unless there was an angle - maybe a prequel…

Speaking of the Coens, anyone see The Ballad of Buster Scruggs on Netflix?
It ticks all the ‘Coen’ boxes, including the ‘very good’ one.
Plus, Tom Waits is in it.


Good idea (and a great quote), but I think I would lose a large portion of my days if we go down that rabbit hole.

One of my favourite scenes is the opening long one-shot of ‘Touch of Evil’ - still remember the first time I saw it.


One of my all-time favourite quotes
“Coffee is for closers” - Alec Baldwin, Glengarry Glen Ross

Actually that whole movie dialogue is unreal. And what a cast!


I’m sure there are movies with that if you looked online hard enough …


I love this line…

The problem with Scotland… is that it’s full of Scots.


I was disappointed. All style and couldn’t see any substance, pretty much how I saw their last couple of efforts, reminds me of Tarantino’s stuff at his peak. Loads of violence, somehow funny, anti-character driven as the bodies pile up


“I fuckin haaaaate Scotland!”


The Rider is fantastic


Thanks pal though to be honest I haven’t used that nickname in years.




The Finglas mots used to call you the floppy acorn…


“F*ck you, that’s my name.”

Brilliant film, originally a David Mamet play. A stellar cast.


Great documentary on Australia s greatest ever band the go betweens last sat on Sky arts . Be repeated soon enough I d say.