Recommend a movie / documentary


I thought so yeah, although that was a doozy.


Must check it out so.


Its excellent. Those Italian lads are bananas!


yeah decent watch - can never understand lads who do roar rubbihs and f*cking shite into the camera after football games - while having no sympathy for him nor the CEO - ex rangers chap who would eat himself if he could - i did feel sorry for the genuine supporter who have nothing else bar the club to support conisdering all industry is gone from the place


“Can You Ever Forgive Me?” is really good I thought. A dark role suits Melissa McCarthy, with still a bit of humour. She badly needs to escape her typecast!

Am looking forward to Mary Q of Scots and The Favourite. Seems there’s alot of talk about Olivia Coleman getting an Academy Award. I’ve really liked her since her days with the gang on BBC2 alt comedy about 10 years ago, some progress since then.




A Star is Born

Surprised how good it was . Good chemistry between Cooper & Gaga . Could see her win an oscar out of it .


Saw a class one last night. Thunder Road. Absolutely brilliant