Recommend a movie / documentary


Currently watching the sinner season 2 on Netflix…very good


It’s mediocre. At least half an hour too long. A bad riff on 28 days later and a terrible corny ending.


A bad riff on The Happening id say .


That’s what sprung to my mind too.


Any watch this dark mirror Bandersnatch


Yeah , torturous . Gave up on it after about an hour . The multiple different endings became a chore to get through.


Cheers I’ll think I’ll skip to the end like a sunshine dubs fan! :grinning:


I don’t think ya can , that’s the problem , you have to keep selecting a different scenario each time on how it plays out . After a while you can just skip to the credits. Major disappointment.


Thought the second series was really poor. The cult did my head but then again that’s what they usually do! The little kid is fierce annoying too, the head on him.

Think there’s a TV thread here too. I’m way behind on it. Watched Homecoming over the weekend, thought it was brilliant.


In birdbix, First 70% enjoyable. Last part lets it down. Silly unrealistic ending.
Make a big play about one item on river and then never returns to it.

A quiet place is better.

Mind you always worth a watch when John malcovich in something. Even that nfl advert he did was top drawer.


Is there a reason why I can’t access this on Netflix?? Not offered to me…


Maybe because it’s not on Netflix.





Your welcome :joy:


It was on the BBC a few years ago, may be on Youtube now?


No sign of it on any of the movie streaming apps?


Heard from guy in work, The ending in the book is far better, they somewhat diluted the ending for TV.


Found it on Amazon. Thanks lads


Better than the Graham Taylor one ?


Young lad watched the one on Sunderland - he said it was very good.