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Try this I loved it…
Club for a Fiver

This is half time meltdown by manager

Bertie Big Bollocks


I really liked the Rocky Balboa film, more than the earlier movies even the priginal in fact. Creed was excellent too up to a point though both movies really stretched belief to breaking point with Rocky’s continued role as a fighter. But I was able to ignore that for the value/quality of the rest of the films.


I’ve seen it, great shout.
“And you can bring yer fookin dinner!”


Genuinely you have about 100 fans who would be like that if indeed that much. It wouldn’t be much to be too proud of and I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the passionate supporters there

Bray wanderers is the best example I can think of that compares to England. A massive town with not much other sports in their way but barely field 500 people for a home game.


Couple of odd things in that post. Bohs I would say have several hundred if not a thousand supporters roughly who follow them lifelong and completely immersed in the club. I know at least five or six of them myself. My uncle was one before he died recently. Those sort of supporters are very comparable to what has been spoken of with English clubs.

Don’t understand your point about Bray at all. There are multiple clubs in all leagues in all countries that have a really small base of extremely dedicated people. Bray are one of those. their achievement at being in the top league consistenly is a remarkable achievement of sorts but I don’t think related to the point you were making…,.?


League of Ireland have terrible attendances at matches . Only Cork City get more that 3000 at a home game. Dundalk the next best as champions get 2.5k. It’s poor .

And my overwhelming point is that Irish people in general are relative event junkies conpated to other country supporters and aren’t the most loyal supporters in the world . And l’ll stand by that observing all the evidence I’ve seen watching GAA, soccer and rugby at different levels.


But the point was about how passionate the supporters of the clubs are about their club, not the numbers. I would also reference the smaller clubs in lower leagues in England, who have very small following but great passion about it.
The small crowds at League of Ireland top level games is a separate issue, that’s lack of commitment of Irish sports followers to League of Ireland, not lack of passion on the part of those who do. The same people who follow soccer but not clubs in their own area are extremely passionate about their adopted clubs. If that could be harnessed even in a small way towards LofI clubs it would then increase the crowds and the passion would remain as high as it is for those who currently follow their local clubs. But that is a matter for followers and the LofI and maybe others involved in sport in Ireland, not to mention the competition with other sports. Nothing to do with any lack of passion of followers for their clubs.


I know this story is very dramatised but I loved the book and I think they made a great go of this:


I don’t really agree with anything in your post, Not sure if you know Copa 90 they have 1.7m subscribers on their youtube channel. They have travelled the world watching football below are 3 links to their videos have a look and see what they think.

Anarchy in Ireland

Top 10 Atmospheres in Football

Notorious Boo Boys


Think Irish people are generally more ecumenical in their sports attendance. I would have gone to watch Pats , Ireland (soccer) and the dubs in my days before the kids bankrupted me. It’s hard to attend every match due to costs. I imagine the average scouser who follows Liverpool or Everton does not bother with other sports or teams and just stick to following them.


Have watched (played?) the Bandersnatch episode of Black Mirror. For those not familiar it is an interactive story were you make choices throughout which control (maybe) what happens to the characters. I’m still not 100% sure of what I think of it but it is definitely a worthwhile experience. Technically it is very well done, with the story flowing well and not bogging down when decisions are being made. It also gives you opportunities to loop back around when you hit dead ends. Apparently there is over five hours of footage in total. Overall it has some lovely moments of humour and if anything seems to be something of a critique of interactive storytelling.


I had completely lost track of where Sunderland are/were in the leagues, I even thought they might be in the Premier, before I watched this. Soon as I heard Grayson talking and saw his shitty red marker notes on his shitty little presentation board, and that they held onto a player who dissed all his own team-mates to the public after a pre-season game, I knew they must’ve been relegated!


Just watching the Sunderland series now .About two episodes in . Enjoyable enough so far . Now , I don’t know if it was for the cameras , but it was an interesting team meeting by Grayson talking about what’s expected from the fans . Style of play , desire , etc as these are working class people and they deserve it.
It brought me back to the gaa where we always say " these are amateurs, they owe us nothing " .
But how much do these paid players really buy into that idea . That it’s the fans who are paying their wages , so to speak .


The big issues for pro soccer clubs are that the hardcore fans are with one club all their lives whereas many players move around alot. They are there to do a job and though they understand where the fans are coming from most of them cannot base their motivation on attachment or loyalty. That said your team is your team, or rather your squad, for as long as it lasts.

I found Grayson’s messages tired, clichéed, lacking real stand-out passion or smarts, I was bored listening to him straight away. And he was new in the job.
Its been proven in the last 10-15 years bar the Leicester freak season that the only clubs who have serious success are the ones with owners and Executive with real ambition and ability to match, then getting the right people in, and having enough to spend.
No doubt tradition helps alot in the short-term but fades when success doesn’t come. Liverpool for example have done well to stay in the top 5-10 or higher every year. But outside the top 5 or 6 the rest are Sunderland at best and even those clubs, with big support, can go a long time with no great success and drop down leagues. Newcastle probably the best example especially as that city had become more affluent. Leeds, Notts Forest, are examples who had a very successful era


I’ll say one thing, that Jack Rodwell situation was an eye opener . Also Lewis Grabbon insisting on ending his loan spell . Then he gives it loads to the fans when he scores against them for Villa .id say he has a bit of a history falling out of favour with clubs if his CV is anything to go by


This is bordering on Spinal Tap levels . Hilarious :joy:


It’s genius, I almost fell off the couch laughing at stages.
He is some man for the mixed metaphor.
The drummer twin deserves a medal for putting up with him.


If ya close your eyes , it’s literally like listening to Nigel Tufnel and David St Hubins . I couldn’t get over it .And the gas thing is , they are absolutely genuine with every word they speak . These lads are on another level altogether ! I was actually rooting for them at the end.
Brilliant viewing :grinning:



Haven’t seen it mentioned here yet( I may have been blindfolded) Anyone bother watching Birdbox?