Recommend a movie / documentary


Yippe Kay yay.



Good news for fans of Black Mirror


Holmes & Watson.

Quite possibly the worst movie of all time.

Avoid at all costs.


Both of them?


‘Sunderland ‘till I die’ - a superb Netflix doc on the plight and disaster of Sunderland football club told over the course of last season with great insights . Highly recommended.


A brilliant insight of just how dysfunctional they were (are?).
The McGeady interview, Darron Gibson, David Brent as CEO… it has the lot.


Also really underpins just how passionate English supporters get about their clubs. A whole set of depression looms large in that city all through the documentary - And you still have over a 1000 Sunderland supporters traveling a 10 hour round trip to Bristol with their team shite and pretty much bottom of the championship which was one of about 25 away games a season for them. It’s up there with many ressers !!


The priest giving it max praying for them


What was this ?
Might check it out .


It’s a fair bit into the documentary, he basically hammers Coleman’s laissez faire attitude.
( he keeps looking over his shoulder to check nobody is eavesdropping even though it’s being filmed)


What was he thinking leaving the Wales job :exploding_head:
Just checked to see where he is now , China :neutral_face:


To be fair, I think Coleman comes across as a gent in it, the staff seem genuinely sad when he goes.


Brilliant documentary. Same could go for many clubs in England, or even most, big or small. I think Craig Cash’s series Rovers tried to capture it in that bitter sweet comedy drama he does so well.


Pity they’d didn’t do one when Keane got them promoted . That would have been interesting .


The best football documentary I’ve seen is the QPR one


Yeh that was a really good film but as I follow them it’s too close to the bone for me to judge. They could probably make another film about the years since then!


[quote=“See_Saw, post:218, topic:3316, full:true”]
Also really underpins just how passionate English supporters get about their clubs.[/quote]

As a Bohs fan I can say with certainty that L.O.I. fans are equally as passionate (if not more passionate) about their clubs. I would much rather see Bohs win the League than Ireland win the World Cup


In the middle of it right now. Brilliant insight into the madness of it all. Thanks for the heads up!


Decided to revisit the Rocky films if anything at least fir bill conti and Vince dicola’s scores. To be fair to Stallone. Exceptional.

Though I won’t watch 4/5. ■■■■ that but the training montage in Russia is great!