Recommend a movie / documentary


In the article Morricone was annoyed about Tarantino wanting a film score finished quickly . Morricone presumably doesn’t operate that way & probably used that annoyance to have a pop at Quintin.


Which in itself is odd. Morricone has produced hundreds of scores. Tarantino has only made eight films in 25 years!


Funny this is a quote from Ennio when he won the oscar. I wonder would he thank sWeinstein now!

"There isn’t a great soundtrack without a great movie that inspires it. This is why I thank Quentin Tarantino for choosing me, as well as the producer Harvey Weinstein and the whole crew."


That just makes the whole thing worse.



I always thought that Tarantino if full of himself, to be honest. To be fair, I am no movie buff.


Hope they don’t make a bollox of this


Saw a decent thriller recently called ‘Searching’. It’s a fictional story with a very realistic feel in paces, about a bloke trying to find his missing 16 year old daughter. Almost the whole film is based around online and mobile conversations as he tries to piece together her last known movements etc. Maintains the suspense throughout while taking an acerbic swipe at social media culture. Won’t make my 50 Films list (it hasn’t gone away you know) but well worth a watch.



Did Kildare win the All Ireland & I was busy washing my hair when they had their homecoming celebration & won all those All Star and Footballer of the Year awards? :thinking:


I thought they were only going to infinity … but they’ve obviously gone beyond.


i wait patiently Uroy. patiently.


Can’t wait for this as well . Loved Unbreakable, actually had it on DVD . Split was great too.


Avoid the latest Predator film , absolutely horrendous.


Kirk Douglas is 102 today :open_mouth:


What if superman was evil?? Check out trailer for 'Brightburn ’ this looks the dogs !!!


Whaddya mean ‘if’? Conniving little shit never had me fooled with his good two shoes act.


True blue has forgotten the scene in Superman 2 I think where he is pissed(Superman not true blue) at the bar and is smashing the glasses by flicking peanuts at them. I tried that in the autobahn once , it’s actually sore on the finger , flicking peanuts…


I know a guy who was arrested for flicking his nuts in a bar


Ah Jeysus, leave Dessie alone!