Réalt Dearg


Thats good, with Faughs, Judes, TD, Annes, Crokes, Olaf, BSJ surrounding us. Were being trapped!!!


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Just a small update on this, yesterday we beat Civil Service to clinch a place in the Junior C championship final and almost as important, promotes us to Junior B hurling next year. We are also in contention in the league and hopefully can get promoted to AHL4 next year.

8 years ago we were a barely a dozen lads running around a public field and today we are preparing to play Cuala in our second ever county final.


Isn’t it the 3rd county final?


Whats the long term plan regarding a home for the Club?


Fair play with the progression. Is there any plan in place for a juvenile section or is there one there already?


Great stuff @PullinDraggin some serious stuff going on. Keep it up.


My thoughts exactly. It’s great to see you progress so quickly. But the ultimate step to secure your future is to set up a nursery section. Congrats and good luck with the future. Great to see a hurling only club progress in that area of the city


club website:



Well lads,
Current and active member of club here. Thank’s for the good wishes.
We are currently working on setting up a juvenile section. It’s not easy, as you can imagine but we are making proress. We realise ourselves that it is the only way we will continue our progression long term and we are here for the long term.
Huge work being done on and off the field by lads who just want to hurl. As my clubmate said in an earlier post we are a very professionally run club with structures in place to ensure that good craic and serious hurling work side by side. All our panels train together regardless of ability which is a huge part of the reason we have grown so quickly.
Like everyone else we recruit every year but the reason we can field three teams is that our player retention is very high. Lads tend to stay with us as everyone has a role regardless of ability and we celebrate our C’ team winning just as hard as our A’ team.
Our A’ teams progression has been huge but our C’ team was only formed 3 years ago and this year we had a healthy panel of 22/24 togging on a regular basis. We entered them into the Championship for the first time this year and won our first match. We were also competitive in AHL 9 after a few dark years of taking serious hammering.
That first Championship win was celebrated hard and we had a 54 year old making his first start in a Championship that day.
IWinning that day was as important to us as winning the semi final last Sunday.
Our B’s operate in AHL 8 and Junior E. We got to our second County final last year losing to an excellent Joeys team.
Our first County final was with our A’ team in 2015, also a defeat to Skerries Harps in junior D so we are still looking for that elusive first County Final win.
We don’t poach players from other clubs in the area but we have some locals who are now involved.
They have tended to come to us after giving up hurling years ago and have come back looking for a fresh start. We don’t have the usual shite with lads getting games because their father hurled for the club or one of the selectors hates a young lads uncle. That will probably come later.
We play the mighty Cuala with all their resources in the C’ Final in a couple of weeks. Hopefully Con O’ Callaghan will still be busy with the footballers to tog for their Junior hurling team this time round.
It’s a real David and Goliath affair.
Thanks again for the goodwill. Sure it’s all about the small ball and the next ball.


If you want to get a flavour of what we are about go to our website and read some of our match reports.


Hard luck to-day Red star, a really enjoyable game and played at a standard that belied It’s junior C billing.


Would any Dearg lads be county stadard?


Top teir county… no
Leitrim, Roscommon et al… Yes