Please flag any personal abuse you see & it will be removed.


With all due respect Tayto, (in the words of many condescending posters), there are disrespectful, dismissive & aggressive posts here on a regular basis. If admin can see and get very strongly averse to some puns, then not seeing grossly inappropriate posts beggars belief. Perspective.


In your opinion. How many people believe that some puns “ruin threads”? And by the way, I respect and accept all admin decisions for the last 10 years or whatever I’ve been here, this is merely a matter of discussion


Well if you flag 'em, I’ll see them & deal with them.


Ok … I’ll get me coat … :smirk:


Tolerance is what I’m referring to. We all agree to let things go as long as it’s not really offensive. That seems to have been the way and I think it has worked well. So my point is, not to pull more threads but to wonder why puns are pulled. Why has the law come down hard on that, in particular? Why not just apply the same flexibility?

And by the way, if a whole thread is completely taken over by puns, for days, then fair enough, I would say it should be pulled.

Again, this is just a discussion, I don’t have to make the decisions


Sure pun away so


I would’ve thought that puns are quite witty and clever. If there was a move to ban their more notorious cousins sarcasm it would make more sense - them being the lowest form of wit …

However now we are aware of the existence of Humour Police we can tread a little more warily and solemnly … :scream:


only on a Dublin gaa forum would a discussion like this happen :joy::joy::joy:


But do you not read posts too, ya know, just in your capacity as an interested Dublin fan? Or do you only pay attention to them, when a signal goes off in the Admin bat cave & you have to spring into action then?

If you are aware of the puns enough to be ticked off by them, how come the abusive posts don’t pop up on your radar too? There are/were A LOT of them, especially in the hurling threads, apres the loss to the langers, especially about GC staying on. It wasn’t just the odd snotty comment here and there. Am not trying to be confrontational. Am just curious.


… It’s always the relatively friendly fire that gets it … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Under a lot of pressure with work the last while. Read as much ressers as I have time to.

The puns don’t bother me personally. I’ve nothing to do with them being deleted.

I do however have issue with abusive posts.

I’ve asked certain parties to knock the abusive stuff on the head privately. If it continues they will be banned.

Ask you all again to flag inappropriate posts and they will be dealt with.


The crisps don’t make themselves lads!


Ah jaysus sure we all love Tayto …


Tayto is a sound solid bloke, but King crisps are yer only man!