Provincial/All-Ireland Club Football Championships 2017/18


Not the first time the 6ft 9 FF presence has lead to a goal like Saturdays


I’d say not!

It was funny cos the keeper squared up to him just before that and was then probably watching him more than the ball when the goal went in.


Carthy third midfielder? An out and out midfielder or like he played in the county semi and final? Occasionally dropping into the full forward line and then playing like a sort of half forward/sort of midfielder?


He played between the two 45s.

never ventured in to the full forward line.

Played as a link man, himself & burke (shooting aside) were our two most effective players.


Ok. Thanks for that. When I saw the team sheet, and then that Ger Brennan going off coincided with the arse falling out of things, things started to add up. I thought the midfield pairing of Murphy and Galvin would have been madness, but not if Carthy was in their with them.


That’s not particularly nice. The words ‘at least’ I assume means you don’t think Vincents represent their county well? Six Leinsters and three All Irelands isn’t too shabby and actually one national league.

As for embarrassing, they lost a game of football after having tried their best, there is nothing embarrassing about that.


As a Vincents person I’m saying this.

That team are the furthest thing imaginable from embarrassing,

The result and shocking performance on Sunday was definitely embarrassing,


Seen him play once… monster of a man and hugely effective if gets right ball.


Would u ever get a grip! The :grinning: after the comment was the giveaway re seriousness of my comment.

I ultimately couldn’t give a fiddlers whether Vincent’s win or lose. As Dublin rep in Leinster championship would hope as with any Dublin team they do well. However as you’ve helpfully pointed out their record of success in club competitions and idds of 1/16 would lead to real expectation that they would not lose on Sun. Same as expecting not to lose to Div 3 team in Dublin championship. The fact that they did lose can be categorised whatever way you like. If Vincent’s aren’t embarrassed then great for Vincents. Like i said it ain’t that important to me.


He can be lethal given the right ball but to be honest he was fairly ineffective last Saturday. As you say the Emo keeper got distracted by him for that ball, and he (the keeper) had been playing very well up to that, but as has been said, his mere presence in there can lead to chaos.
I think Boughal have a better chance if the game is played in Ballyboughal rather than anywhere else. The tight pitch suits their style of play and Gerry doesn’t even have to look at the posts when he plays there which is a huge advantage to them. Playing elsewhere, even if it is Parnell park, while it would be great for the supporters, would ultimately be a disadvantage to them.


In light of events at Aviva tonight, the Oxford English Dictionary will be looking for new word beneath “embarrassing” for a sub par sporting performance.


Think I seen on Dublin gaa that the game is in ballyboughal. Massive advantage to them. It’s a very tight pitch and suits ballyboughal.


Hopefully so for their sake. I know it’s down as a ‘home’ game for Boughal, but the actual venue hadn’t been updated on the Leinster GAA fixtures earlier today, still showing as tbc. I had heard on Monday that it might be in Parnell park but I’d imagine that given the choice they will opt to play on their own pitch.


Garristown would be handy for both teams!!


Game is confirmed for boughal. Great news for boughals chances :+1:


It’s not a Garristown game … :grin:



Thoroughly enjoyable read, excellent, intelligent, fair and honest assessment look forward to your analysis and wasn’t disappointed, thank you.


Super stuff


Curraha tried to get the game outside of boughal…dont think they fancy the trip…health and safety officers and all they had down trying to get it changed…