Provincial/All-Ireland Club Football Championships 2017/18


any examples on here?
Open to correction but I’m not aware of anything of that nature


None of the regulars in here, to be fair.


so based on what? (Genuine question)
Couple of arseholes in a pub or the stand?.. you’ll find true reflection of a club are guys who do stuff week in week out…like Alan…not guys who turn up for finals.


Based mainly on management teams of the many Vincent’s teams I’ve played against over the years. Just last weekend my younger brother played a game against a very excitable Vincent’s line at u16.

Actually when I used to ref U8-U10 vins were one of the clubs I’d have the most problems with, managers giving out etc only manager I ever sent to his car was a Vincent’s one. Just feel there is a level of arrogance that runs through the club that has nasty ways of showing its self. That’s not to say vins are the worst or the only club like that, there are plenty of others who are as bad.

That’s also not to say I’m happy they lost at the weekend either. I’ve always supported Vincent’s when they get out of Dublin and have been to plent of their Leinster and all Ireland games, can just see why they aren’t some people’s favourite club.


that may well be your experience and wouldn’t argue you on it but i’d hazard a guess they’re no better worse than most… (though I did call out a vincents u14 manager once for being an arsehole as he waved imaginary card at a ref for opposing player…get all sorts like I say


You only called him out cos he waved an imaginary card and not a real one …

Never had any probs with Vins tbh


Every club has it’s arseholes, Vins no worse or better than all others.


4/7 on


that is a bit hard on Bart/TLR :joy:


Some excellent play in that Kilcar/ Slaughtneil game.


Just saw the Vincent’s line-up in the paper!!!

No Egan or Diamond in the half back line. No Mullins at midfield! Did Carthy really play in the forwards or was he a third midfielder?


Are curraha favourites to win leinster now?


They are a strong team. Some rise from junior to senior in about 4 or 5 years.


They are but I’d still fancy boughal if it’s in boughal. There unbeaten there all year.


Mullins & Egan were injured.

Cathy played 3rd midfielder


They won the Meath Junior just two years ago in 2015 - and then Leinster. Won the Inter last month and so will be senior Champo next year.


From what I hear they have 3 inter county players too so say they’ll be strong enough


Yeah, but that’s Mordor standards. Gerry Seaver would walk into the Mordor team. I reckon Boughal will give it to them!


I know Gerry would probably walk into any other county team in the country. I think they will too.


Conditions at this time are a great leveller too. Keeping it tight is all important because scores are hard to come by. Once you are within a point or two with ten to go anything can happen. Fortuitous goal was the difference last Saturday - here’s to another this week!