Provincial/All-Ireland Club Football Championships 2017/18


Fully deserved in my experiences - and there are many. In addition to the many documented …


Well done Rathnew, great win.

Keeps Dubs here happy Vinnie’s lost.


That’s a bit unfair. While I reckon all Dubs on here might be glad to see DC get a rest (thought he had one during the summer :grinning:), I genuinely believe most non-Vincent’s Dubs on here wanted Vincent’s to go a long way.




Yes, Vincents one of the most popular clubs among neutrals…


Its true lads, don’t deny, lots of people very happy yesterday. Its been that way since the 50s.


Ah that’s rubbish @OldSchool2 - get the ould chip off the shoulder. You’d like to think that … but it’s not the case. Plenty of banter and slagging and ribbing because you lost to a team that was 15/2 and ye were 1/16 but that doesn’t mean people were happy to see you lose. Dubs stick up for Dubs - 31 v 1.

I actually work with a Cork man who has worked in Dublin all his life 40+ years and is heavily involved in Dublin GAA. But true to form and as envisaged by me yesterday evening, he appeared at the door of the office this morning to slag me about Vins’ loss. Suffice to say he subsequently went off down the corridor with the most vitriolic and personal abuse I could muster ringing in his years …


Its not rubbish. Iv no chip, I just know the truth. There are some team I would not like to see do well either, that’s the way.

I hear what your saying regarding the rest of your post, I got an email today off a Mayo man I haven’t seen in 2 years about it.


Boughal at home 7/4…again I like the look of this


What price Curraha?


Those who wallow in defeat of others usually haven’t achieved much themselves.
Btw it’s “they’re” not “there”.
Did vincents rob your teacher as well as your teammates?


That office can t be too busy Dub09 considering all these posts about St Vincent’s and World Cup qualification.


Vins lads are awful touchy jaysus


You can blame Alan o Connor for that…

but don’t think your right there. . . . .

There are some teams, I don’t think its a they’re


Marino mafia don’t like disrespect. . . .

And we can say what we want now without Bart around.


You know all about respect in Vincent’s, just ask O’Tooles. Actually, no, don’t do that.


Disrespect, difference. Id blame o tooles.

Anyway. . . . . . . . . .


Good god… and you wonder why we aren’t all vins cheerleaders


Jaysus, who’s looking for cheerleaders? Just curious to the mindset…sure every team gets beaten at some stage and naysayers get their day in the sun.
Easy to be gracious in victory, you should be judged on how you handle defeats. Best of luck to Rathnew…town will be buzzing on their Leinster campaign.


I’d judge Vincent’s on how a lot of lads handle your wins actually…