Provincial/All-Ireland Club Football Championships 2017/18


Yeah - that happens all the time. No wonder all us punters are millionaires and the bookies are broke. 1/16 for a reason … but didn’t perform. Must be looking at the Na Fianna hurlers too much …


Spiritually! It’s hardly neutral!


Developing a healthy persecution complex too. And very easily reeled in by a totally pathetic bit of trolling.

And to put the tin hat on it it must make you feel terrible that I’m delighted you won those titles! Seeming as how I hate Na Fianna and all :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Disappointing but that’s sport. Certainly not embarrassing. Teams get beaten and are disappointed in defeat and upset over mistakes but when you prepare in correct manner and represent your club well - with numerous titles - nothing to be embarrassed about.
Congrats to Rathnew and will be great buzz for the area and boost to Wicklow gaa. Harry Murphy has decades given to Wicklow gaa so nice for guy like him to enjoy a day like today in the sun.


well done rathnew ,


Well I didn’t rip the arse out of you over Na Fianna - others did. I know Vins lads and always like to see them do well but that was very disappointing today.


Apologies if I mistook you for someone else.

If only I knew who I was talking to all the time…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Gets a little confusing!


You’ve had to put up with a lot of nonsense recently alright. :+1:


He’s well passed it as a footballer now. He should give the hurling a go.


Well something_witty , I m afraid my concerns about this game were borne out, I was genuinely concerned. First of all well done Rathnew, they fully deserved their victory and played a wonderful game.

Our lads just looked leg heavy, I think winning Dublin took more out of them than anybody thought. Even the lads in their mid twenties have a lot of mileage on the clock now and it showed today. I hope we can regroup for next year, but there are no guarantees in sport.


Couldn’t wish Rathnew well under any circumstances. Hope they get hammered …


I thought they played in a very fair and sporting fashion today and would have no problem wishing them well


Nope … sorry.


Nothing beats a good upset in gaa


I heard the paddy powers in Marino was cleared out :joy::joy: all joking aside that’s some shock I don’t care how anyone wants to dress it up


Did vincents beat wicklow county team in challenge game this yr and if so by what score anybody know


I thought Vins were a big leggy, complacent and probably this team is a bit past their best. Conditions and pitch were perfect so should have suited them. Vins had two occasions when they could have kicked on to win the game. One early on when they were 4-1 up playing against the breeze-a few more points at that stage would have opened up a winning lead. Again when they goaled with 15 mins to go to go two up, another point or two might have been enough. Rathnew didn´t panic when they looked in trouble and you have to say played a fine game, deserving to win. I heard from two different sources beforehand that they were a dirty team but Vins can have no complaints on that score. Gough did a good job. Strange that Mossy didnt go for a score from a 45 with the teams level near the end. He also missed a very scorable free around the same time.


Vins had some key injuries today in fairness and as well as being down Mullins neither of the other two midfielders finished the game.

But if some of the Dublin clubs went after Vins in the Championship instead of being over cautious and playing into their hands they might have had more success. But will anyone learn any lessons?


They did I believe, but as the bar man told me in the pub before the match, he believed that Rathnew would beat Wicklow too


Maybe they read the disrepect given on here and elsewhere.