Provincial/All-Ireland Club Football Championships 2017/18


RTE said they were 1/16 on before game


:rofl::rofl::rofl:, that’s cold .


No knocking Vincent’s pedigree & successes over the years. That defeat today though certainly wasn’t expected by anyone. Think Vincent’s were 1/16 on to win!


Diarmuid Connolly first Leinster defeat in senior championship for St Vincents/Dublin


And Portlaoise beaten…


There you go. The guard eventually changes.


Portlaoise’s record in leinster has been shite recently

That result is no comparison to the Dublin champions losing.


Yeah Rathnew the new powerhouse of Leinster football :grinning:


You said embarrassing, which is a little harsh. I wouldn’t be embarrassed. The club championship is ruthless and Wicklow teams, especially Rathnew, have done well in it over the years. There’s nothing can be taken for granted, especially away form home. While I thought we would win I’d never say I was embarrassed to lose to a club that has a fair history in this competition.


You need to check your history re Rathnew. They have a pedigree in this competition. Just ask Na Fianna :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dr Crokes will win this out this championship handy enough. Corofin making hard work of St Brigids


Think when you’re 1/16 to win and you lose then it can be described as embarrassing. The odds are the odds for a reason. Would expect a few of the Vincent’s players and management might feel a little embarrassed considering the caliber of player on that Vincent’s team.


Where’s Bart these days ?


probably cleaning his boots after playing in Wicklow today?


Probably on his way back from Aughrim after supporting his club this afternoon :slightly_smiling_face:


Hard luck to St. Vincent’s. They have been great ambassadors for Dublin. This had banana-skin written all over it. The posters during the week were kidding themselves. Rathnew on their home pitch was always going to be perilous, especially with Vins missing key players. Club is club. Sometimes David beats Goliath. That’s what keeps the GAA alive!


Well I wouldn’t use the word but there you go. And considering what the team has achieved over the years actually losing a game to a team with some form in this competition is no disgrace.

16 to 1 on in a two horse race is stupid, lazy pricing by the bookies bearing in mind the teams have no history to go on. In a game between the counties they might be the odds. Not at club level.


Good man Alan - drag Na Fianna into it. Losing count of the amount of titles going to Mobhi Rd these last few weeks …


Anyway that’s sport. After great win in Dublin comfortably beating very strong Ballymun team it’s big surprise today. Leinster football overall is very weak so maybe Rathnew will do something after today. Can’t see any Leinster team coming close to winning All Ireland. Hope Slougtneill manage to win out but DR Crokes hard beaten and Corafin well in contention too.


It’s nowhere near their home pitch …