Provincial/All-Ireland Club Football Championships 2017/18


Not at the moment - Vins would want to get their act together soon


Vins 9-6 down now


Vins 1-09 Rathnew 10


Vins 1-09 Rathnew 0-12. 5 minutes left.


Vins 1-09 Rathnew 1-12


Wow - didn’t see that one coming.


Very disappointing


That’s a shocker


Vins 1-09 Rathnew 1-13


Draw in Tuam aswell. Brigids did well in second half to get back into.


Vins 1-09 Rathnew 1-13. Full time.


All over

Very disappointing for Vincents - maybe hunger was a factor with a lot of lads on the road for a while - maybe complacency also

Dublin players getting plenty of rest this winter


Very disappointing. But all good things come to an end eventually. A lesson there for the Dublin team too. Nothing lasts forever. A lot of legs on the go a lot of years. Great servants all and owe no one anything. A break might well do them good. God knows they deserve it.


Maybe need a few signings this winter to freshen things up…


split Rathnew and split wicklow into 3


Not sure if it was complacency, at least not among the players. I know a lot of posters seemed to think that because they were playing a Wicklow team it would be handy, but club football is a different animal altogether, especially at this time of year on heavy pitches.


Embarrassing result for Vincent’s. With players they have there’s no excuse for losing game like that. At least Ballyboughal are representing the county well :grin:

Positive for Dublin is that Connolly will get decent rest over the next couple of months before getting back with Dublin.


It’s our first loss in Leinster since 1986 :wink:


Pressure on Management to resign in disgrace now


Comedians are out in force I see :slight_smile: