Provincial/All-Ireland Club Football Championships 2017/18


Corofin a joy to watch. Incredible movement up front and top class scorers. Well seasoned and bundled Nemo players off ball when required.
Far ahead of any club team from Dublin (or anywhere) once they get out into good wide dry sod.


Similar enough to Dublin, with a lot of loops and lads running into space. Very impressive and great to watch.


They are a serious club team alright, they would beat most Inter County teams


Have they many lads to come into Galway team?


Liam Silke is the only regular starter from Corofin.Bernard Power, Ian Burke and Michael Farragher on panel too.Gary Sice retired from intercounty last year.


Lundy as well


Don’t think Lundy has played for a couple years. Kieran Molloy will probably be on panel as well.


Lundy played last year. Came on as a sub (I think) and was sent off in final defeat to the Rossies.


You are correct. Remember that game. Galway had a couple lads sent off.


Yep. Comer thought he was in SmackDown, saw the line as well. Couple of black cards too. Galway thought all they had to do was show up.


Just a note to agree with the comments on here. That first half in particular from Corofin was as good a half of football that I have seen from a club side. The second goal reminded me of Barcelona in their pomp - opposition defenders chasing shadows.

I note that puts them joint third with St Finbarrs and St Vincents in the all time list. There is a bit of a jump to Crossmaglen Rangers in second (6 titles) and Nemo Rangers themselves who are out front (7 titles).


Never seen a better performsnce from a club team than yesterday. Streets ahead in terms of movement and skills across a range of players - not just 1 or 2.
Physically around the middle 1/3 up there with IC level.


Anyone get the attendance for the club finals. It’s usually about 30000 every year but looked smaller yesterday ?


I’d say it was lower than usual…rugby and the cold had an effect. Many watched the rugby at cosy CP bars during hurling.


Officially announced attendance was 15.x thousand

  • didn’t hear the hundreds


That is a big drop on the average. Nemo don’t have a big support but I’d say it’s mostly down to the weather and the oval ball.


Also 3 of the 4 finalists were recent winners.
The novelty to engage everyone outside of gaa from local community diluted while Nemo wouldn’t draw a big crowd.


15569 was announced. Smaller than usual. But 2 of the teams were from rugby strongholds were the non member locals would be more interested in the Posh game. Nemo are a small club members wise and are not that popular in Cork while Corofin are a small rural club from North Galway. Given the cold not too many neutrals headed for the game as well.


Attendance is always higher if 17th March is on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. If the Bank Holiday is on a Friday or a Monday, a lot of people who may have otherwise atrended are out of town on a long weekend.


Corofin are by no means a small rural club. They have a huge area from Tuam up to Claregalway both sides of N17. Plenty of houses and indeed schools in their catchment area.