Provincial/All-Ireland Club Football Championships 2017/18


He refereed the Kerry/Mayo game and made a balls of that too :frowning:


How do you know he was struck hard? You were at pains to point out last week that a supporter couldn’t possibly know how hard or otherwise someone got hit.
Cooper completely overplayed last weeks incident and you know it. Trying to defend him, especially when you now condemn another player for acting, makes you look like a gobshite.


I’d love to see what would happen to some lads on here if they were thumped on the blind side…most heroes on here by the sound of things…anyone who has ever taken a belt from behind without warning would know how sore one is…


Been thumped blind sided loads of times, but enough about my marriage!

Seriously, I’ve been clobbered loads of times from behind by shoulders, digs etc, and they hurt more because you’re not prepared, but a 2 handed shove would never hurt me, no matter how ill prepared I was dude.


More aggressive than a mere push imo I don’t want to get this brought back up but you’d honestly swear this was a blatant dive such as from across the pond or certain Gaels…


Because I know him and spoke to him after…
You just have a bee in your bonnet about JC so just come out and admit that. I really don’t believe you are a Dub at all and if you are maybe you should follow something else if all you can do is accuse your own players of things when most others here saw the incidents differently. There is only one gobshite in all this and its not me.


Silly rule I think, but if you just stop when you have advantage you’ll presumably over carry, if you do this while you have advantage you give the other team the free!
Advantage doesn’t carry through if you foul the ball while you have advantage!


I’m a dub alright, I just don’t believe that part of my responsibility as a Dublin supporter is to slag players from other counties or that our players are above criticism. I’m fully aware that puts me in the minority on here.


No it doesn’t actually. I have often called out things against Dublin players that were clear cut. But I never make a judgment call on someone who devotes hours of his time to the county and slag him off without giving him the benefit of the doubt especially when it is clear there is doubt. Next time you bump into Johnny tell him you think he’s a diver.


You did exactly that to the Moorefield player yesterday. You have double standards. Accept it and move on.


Yesterday was as clear an incident of playacting as you will ever see. I was 10 yards from it. Take your anti Dub sh1te elsewhere.


10 yards away- It happened centre of pitch on the 21 yard line. So you’re the Moorefield keeper? Gotchya.
I’m not anti dublin. I’m anti diving/feigning injury which some of our players are guilty of. Thems the facts whether you like it or not.


Gotchya!!??! :joy::joy::joy:

What age are you? Go back to your Kerry or Mayo board.

You are no more a Dublin fan than Parkinson.


Doth protest too much!


Cracking semi final between Nemo and Slaughtneil.

Tomas O Shea having a great game

Off to The Dubs match so will miss the extra time


1-19 Nemo Rangers 1-12 Slaughtneil after the first period of extra time.

Slaughneil faling to score and Nemo getting seven unanswered points in a row. Luke Connolly going well in extra time, scoring five. It would be some throw away job if Nemo fail to win this!


Nemo Rangers just replaced their goalkeeper there. Very strange one, he didn’t, look injured to my knowledge. Few sympathy minutes it seems!


Nemo win by eight points in the end. 2-19 to 1-14 AET. Luke Connolly getting a goal with the last score to put the icing on the cake. Young Tomás Ó’Sé earning himself man of the match.

Corofin vs Nemo Rangers in the final for three weeks time


Corofin ripping Nemo asunder, lovely movement going forward.


Keeper waving his arms like a f*cking eejit.