Provincial/All-Ireland Club Football Championships 2017/18


Bringing the Kerry cuteness I see, although I don’t think he’s the manager.

The ref will get dog’s abuse for the decision but the player should get it in the neck. Appalling and frankly embarassing behaviour. Shameless.


What happened ?



Keiran Molloy the No.5 for Corofin is just after coming on as substitute for NUIG in the Sigerson Cup final. Must have been a quick drive from Tullamore to Santry!


I believe he got a Garda escort. Ridiculous one of these games couldnt be moved.


I really hope that’s a joke about a Garda escort.

Have they nothing else to be doing?


Yeah I read that on Twitter! Absolutely nuts that two big competitions like these overlap. Fair play to him though. Would have been a great couple of hours for him if NUIG came out with a win.


Wouldn’t be the first time it’s been done. Did Alan Brogan not tell the story of sitting an exam and then getting an escort to Carlow the day he made his championship debut for Dublin.


How can you tell he was acting from the comfort of your couch?


That was a helicopter. If your man got a Garda escort there should be a Tribunal about it …


I was there - about 10 yards away. Never touched him.


I think anybody watching could tell he was acting the bollocks.


That’s what’s ridiculous.


Absolutely. But complete double standards when someone tries to point out that a Dublin player (who regularly does it) dives or carries on like they were shot.


Ah, I see.



Link to a video of the incident if anyone hasn’t seen it. Ludicrous decision! You would hope the full forward wouldn’t miss the final over something as non existent as that. Fair play to Corofin though, winning after playing the full game basically a man down


That’s a disgrace.


That’ll be overturned.

Ref should be booted off the panel. Shocking decision. Could have cost a team an All Ireland.


I doubt you’re a Dub supporter at all. I don’t condone diving but both times the charge was levelled at Cooper he was clearly struck and struck hard. I have a pain in my bollox replying to the snide remarks of you and a couple of others. God knows we take enough sh1t off other counties without accusing our own of doing things they clearly don’t.


FFS don’t start this sh1te again. What happened today had fck all to do with anyone other than the players involved. The Moorefield no. 3 acted disgracefully. The ref made a balls of it. End of