Provincial/All-Ireland Club Football Championships 2017/18


Really enjoyable game. An implosion of epic proportions though


Madnesss the player kicking the ball which resulted in free been brought forwaed. I see Jack on the Moorefield sideline.His son is a decent footballer and should be starting for Kildare next year. Had Ken Casey for first goalscorer at 8/1 :slight_smile:


Match report on rte website but there was no live updates there during the afternoon.
Plenty if rugby stories, instead, should you wish.


Classic between An Gaelthacht and Moy…2 each at ht :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:



The GAA just posted ‘highlights’ on their Twitter feed, must be a lot of good blocks etc or great wides.


They must have been struggling to put something together


Think they might be struggling with both the skills of the game and their tactical approaches 0-02 each at half time is truly dreadful.


This game is grim. You’d think moy would have a go with an extra man and not much time left.




Hopefully their bet in the final


Stay classy lads …



How on earth can a team go into the 2nd minute of stoppage time with 3 points and end up winning? That was tragic stuff. So poor to watch.


As a soccer man you may or may not be interested to know an gaelthacht corner back Peter Paul Sauerland is a relation of ex Ghana player Kevin Prince Boateng. Have relations involved with an gaelthacht so was hoping they win but yeah poor stuff all round.


Didn’t know that at all. Boateng is a bit of a character. Think Boateng is German born isn’t he? Still playing in Germany afaik


He is German born. Playing for eintract Frankfurt. Half brother to Jerome the Bayern Munich player- same father.


Both marked each other I think in last World Cup when Germany played Ghana in group stages.


Dublin referee Barry Tiernan refereeing the AIB GAA Football All-Ireland Junior Club Championship final on Saturday.


Great to see an O’Dwyers man feature in a Final … :wink:


There will be 4 of us!!

He also officiated the Leinster Senior Final. Good to see a Dublin referee making inroads on the county scene.