Premier League 2018/2019


Oh man your lucky you asked that question now rather than 2 or 3 years ago.

I’ve been 2 or 3 times with mates over the years. Some of my mates go a couple of times a year.


Ha I’ve been a few times myself but not in 4 years…wondering what it’s like now with the new stand etc…is it difficult get tickets over there? Last times we picked up 4 tickets from a supporter we met in a bar beforehand


If only there was a certain bird of prey still here to help you out? @Bosco have you any access to Wheatfield through your buddies in scrotesville? :slight_smile:


Birds of prey are northsiders, so that would be your scrote side of the fence sunshine.


Asked a mate there, says it’s tough enough to pick up tickets. Mate of his has the fan card so he uses it from time to time


Depends what game u go for I suppose…Fulham at home shouldn’t be too bad


I think I have a Liverpool supporters club membership somewhere. I’ll check.


Prob more chance of fulham away , they sell tickets for neutral fans to show up at the games


If your looking to go to a game in Slovenia or Slovakia OHM is your go to man.


If you are interested in going to see Etzella Ettelbruck in Luxembourg I have a contact there through my association with the ‘Echternach Sprangprëssessioun’.


A lad in work just called himself a football hipster because he knew who Leeds’ new manager was before he joined Leeds. Can anyone explain to me what the fook a football hipster is?


A right dopey cúúnt?


Sounds about right.

Just read that Bielsa managed Lazio for a year, Lille for a year and the Argentinean national team for 6 years so hardly one from left field


Actually he quit lazio after 2 days.


De Bryune could be out for a while be the sounds of it. Injured his knee at training. Would be a pity as hes such a great player and don’t like to see anyone suffer a bad injury but it might make the title race a bit more competitive!


United or Liverpool supporter?


Neither thank God! Villa…I have no business posting on this thread haha


Diego Costa finally doing something that Liverpool fans will like.


Mad stuff coming out about Bobby Madley


barking mad