Premier League 2018/2019


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This is The Guardian’s take on it -

“Not that this victory provided too much evidence that United are genuinely equipped to improve on last season’s position as runners-up. They struggled to impose themselves for long spells against a robust and adventurous Leicester side and, briefly, it was a wave of apprehension engulfing the stadium when Jamie Vardy’s stoppage-time header gave the away side the opportunity to pull off a dramatic feat of escapology.”


It was poor from United, Leicester dominated possession and did create some good chances. United got a break with the penalty but never built on it. Delighted to see Shaw score and a win is a win.


So were United comfortable or were City not given enough credit in last night’s analysis?


They’re wrong

It was a handy win :wink:


Crazy if true


So Tottenham’s new stadium won’t be ready until October, at the earliest. They are having to play theur first few “home” games at Wembley. I would have thought that the PL wiuld have told them to play all if their home games in one stadium only over the course if a season.


That is a rule, I guess all the other clubs agreed.


Never been so disinterested and objectional to top league soccer especially in England. Some players wages and transfer fees are greater than the budget of some major European cities. It’s an absolute insanity really, anti-sport.


Supporting QPR will do that to a man.


think the rule is there so your a poor PL club and you are playing united , and you move your game to a bigger stadium for more money. As someone said , they had agreement from the PL chairmen and i’m sure it was a contingency which now has to be taken up. Disaster in the scheme of things , but if they opened it and there was an actual disaster well that would be worse.


Is that not considered a neutral venue then ?, … grabs coat, closes door on way out.



The NFL game due to be played there in October has also been moved to Wembley.


yeah - the NFL are playing in wembley the same day as the man city game - so they haven’t confirmed where that will be played.

a disaster PR wise - but once its open it’ll soon be forgotten


Any LFC fans here that go over to games at anfield regular enough ?