Premier League 2018/2019


What about Big Paschal going in with the boot on poor little Jayo just before that?


Deffo a point to the line/modern day red


Looks like it’s only a matter of time now. Happy about this.


"Up to 70 million documents have been provided by Football Leaks and more than 3.4 terabytes of information to media outlets in the European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) consortium, which includes Reuters news agency and the Sunday Times.

The private documents that he allegedly hacked included damaging claims against Manchester City and Paris St-Germain as well as allegations clubs were colluding to set up a breakaway European Super League."


Some outstanding Spursying from Spurs today. Beaten 2-1 by Southampton having been 1-0 up. Could easily finish outside the top 4 at this rate now. United can draw level with them if they beat Arsenal tomorrow


Great win for Newscastle too coming from behind to beat Everton. Now I’m a Watford fan for the next 90 mins :see_no_evil:


Watford good defensively so far but you just know city will find a way through eventually…Etithad has plenty of empty seats again and has the atmosphere of a wet towel…soulless for a club going for the title.


Al still thinks they have a chance :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Do I? Oh you’re referring to something I posted before they lost 3 games. Right so


Burnley score direct from a corner :grin::grin::grin:


Decisions not going Liverpool’s way this weekend. Burnley’s goal should have been ruled out though the keeper did get under the ball too much. Sterling’s first goal should have been cancelled yesterday, also. Offside in any game.


Great response from Liverpool since.


Impressive comeback, and good response to a must-win game. The chase is on, it might suit Liverpool psychologically to have to go for it more now


It’s meant in jest of course but Arsenal are really tempting fate with this.


You might enjoy this so



Another of the Class of '92 quits

Hopefully doesn’t return to punditry .


This is crazy

City spent 1.3 billion .


Fair to say the Utd back up keeper isn’t a patch on DeGea! Wolves 2-0 with 12 to go in the FA cup 1/4 final.