Premier League 2018/2019


1 from 1 with the Liverpool predictions.

Liverpool have still only lost one game all season but as Carragher said yesterday he was part of a squad that only lost two games in a season but didn’t win the league. It’s about dropping points as opposed to losing games. Draws at this stage aren’t good enough.

City with two 1-0 wins in a row at the right time of the season


Spurs drew their first Prem game on Sat - fairly incredible.


Ewan an argumentative mood?


I posted it already lads - I only deal in facts unlike yer friend.


Yeah. But they’ve lost 7 or something like that?


They’d have lost 8 if that Gooner could take a peno.


Or if the linesman did his job… Twice! Or if it wasn’t windy? Sorry, wrong match!


I think there’s a PL rule that you can’t be offside if you’re an England international.


swings and roundabouts. it all evens out.


Ya think so?

Rose challenge on Leno? Red 100%
Kane peno? 100% offside
Pocch verbal on the ref? nothing to see here
Sanchez stamp on Koscielny? Nothing to see here
Kane head joist? Nothing to see here!

With all respect, the team you follow is getting off very, very lightly without sanction. It’s the whole “English striker easy route” thing again…



Or, if the actual rule was correctly implemented…


Depends on who’s twitter you follow!!! The “portion” of. The rule is quite convincing!!!


Was talking about the offside and how these things even themselves out - Was it against Liverpool this season when they scored but it was ruled out incorrectly ?

Rose is going for the ball to try and score in a derby game , if its there to be won, its there to be won. You’ll notice the goalie only collapsed after the ball went out - Give a shout to our marino friend who wanted a duty of care to the player after james hit on mullins two years ago.

Ref let a lot go more so for arsenal :wink: -He prob thought he could even his mistakes out
For Rose challenge he must have been thinking about your hatchet man in midfield and his studs into the back of kanes knee in the first half. For the Arsenal Peno he must have been thinking about the missed offside.

As for the other things your on about - you must be on the arsenal version of hill16 army on facebook to get those talking points - Although i did think at one stage Lee Keegan togged out for arsenal the amount of times kane was held and dragged off the ball.


By all means defend your North London, non-spending also rans - but leave Jonny out of it. Per Ressers in-house rules, 4.3.1 states that Lee Keegan should be used when invoking such comparisons.


Everything in your post is reasonably arguable, but this bit. There is no comparison between a studs up filthy challenge into a player’s chest with his feet 12 inches off the ground nowhere near the ball, and a fair shoulder! I’m surprised you’ve even made the comparison. None


One was fair and in the rules - and there was a reaction (albeit from 1 person) that he shouldn’t have done it. Why not ?

Same approach here , Ball is loose and bounching 12 to 14 inches off the ground, Rose is falling back and try’s to get something on the ball to get it goal bound, or passed the keeper. Why not go for it - hes minimum momentum going into the challenge.

As i said , keeper didn’t go down in a heap straight away - he waited for the ball to go out and then went down , in keeping with his shitty attitude all game of time wasting from when arsenal were 1 up.

Players that go in to do the keeper in that situation will toll around and hold there own leg to try and deflect from it - Rose just sat on the ground. Its a contact sport at the end of the day


humble apologies - i will edit


I prefer this photo, shows the studs well more than 12 inches off the deck and no where near the ball…


i prefer my picture.

Would you be annoyed if an arsenal player pulled out of the same challenge , or if charlie didn’t slide in 95 in case he hurt the full back. when scoring the goal.


Don’t you dare compare the 2 sports!!!

Not sure, I think he should have got a red either way.