Premier League 2018/2019


Wasn’t really a handy win I thought. Granted, I only watched probably half it as it’s bed time in the ranch, but the vast majority of chances I saw fell to the foxes. Vardy missed a sitter before the goal and the foxes should have had a penalty too. Damned foxes… Annoying small dogs!


Nuff said :joy:


Do you stand over the “handy win” comment? I’m about to listen to Carragher and Neville and am open to changing my own mind by shite talking!!!


Well i wrote it, so yeah , they were never in danger of losing that game .Handy out .


I think you need to take off the beer goggles. It was far from handy from what I saw.



The half you saw .


Right so. Argumentative along with blindness = beer monkey night.

I’m oooot.


No beer rochey , its just i watched the whole match , unlike yourself !


And my MU fan brother was here watching the whole thing and said they were a) crap and b) in the end lucky.

I’d trust him a long way before I trust a sober man on beer monkey night…

Oiche mhaith!


Well , if his opinions are like yourself , i think ye both might need a pint !


Sorry? Are you looking for a row?


Sorry , but you started arguing with me .
Im not rowing with anyone .


No. I countered your opinion from what I saw. It was backed up by my bro. And then you insulted us both.

As I said. Oiche Mhaith


Hmm , insults yeah :wink:


Which was "probably " half of it .
Top analysis there !


As I said. Not buying.

Go away please


Wut ? I was posting this evening before you chimed in . Go away please , what kind of a child are you :unamused:


WTF has that got to do with anything?

I “CHIMED” in did I? I’ve just added you to an illustrious list here.

You’re one act. Good luck to you.


Sorry , but what the hell are you talking about .
Ill get back to the football & you can continue to ramble on…


Do me a favour will ye? Ignore me, you obviously lack the wit, intelligence and where-with-all to understand normal human interaction.

I’ll do the same and ignore you.

Ramble on yourself.