Premier League 2018/2019


Christ what a waste of money . Everton in particular. Bournemouth, I admire Eddie Howe . A good coach , small ground and a minor miracle they are in the premier league but even they spend a ridiculous amount. Clubs like Celtic, Ajax ,benfica must be despairing at the tv money they receive in comparison to English clubs who are small fry compared to them.


Agree with most of that but Celtic don’t have to compete with much in terms of their achievements.
Great achievement by Spurs.


More to do with their history in Europe.


Jaysus, even I wasn’t born then! They’re hardly going to get loads of tv money now because of stuff achieved in the past. The other, non-English league clubs who are successful in major leagues now/recently also get plenty of tv money.
But I take yer point, why does English league get more tv money than other leagues? Perhaps just some thing of tradition and drama that people around the globe want to watch the SOAP opera that it is.


I m making a general point about clubs like Celtic, Ajax . You were alive in 03 when celtic got to the UEFA cup final and I m sure you were born when Ajax won the champions league in 95. I personally don t get the premier league hype and I watch a fair amount of football. I see plenty of exciting games from other competitions and countries. I still watch motd and enjoy it but what Everton spent all that cash on !!!. Glad they weren’t in charge of the children’s hospital.


A huge bubble waiting to burst .The business model is unsustainable , how many people in this country and UK watch the prem on ilegal streams ,?? and as for the rest of world they sell the TV rights to , say its even worse.


I thought the bubble would burst many years ago. It won’t though. The worldwide numbers are too big. PL massive in Asia, the Middle East and even Africa. It will always have a huge commercial value - through many different avenues.


Looks to me like the bubble’s already starting to burst.


Spurs clear winners of the coveted “League points to net spend ratio” trophy.


I think it will burst to some extent at least and I think lots of people have switched off. The only thing keeping it high on the agenda right now are Liverpool fans hoping for the glory days to be back.


Transfer fees are an old school guide to what clubs are prepared to invest.

Ive said it before and will say it again, check out the wage bill to see where the real spending lies.


Is there an actual trophy for that because I keep hearing that Tottenham haven’t won a trophy in God-knows-how-long?


I certainly wouldnt mock Liverpool people, my brother in law lives there and id go over and back to see him a bit, Scousers are great craic lover their team and there is a great bond and History with Ireland.

Its the Irish Liverpool supporters who get on my nerves , if Liverpool were playing Ireland they would be up for Liverpool.
i know im generalising , but they would know more about Mo Salahs upbringing than their own countries History. :wink:


Bernard Byrne former ceo of the FAI who called his house Anfield and referred to Liverpool as we when they played UCD I think( he was CEO when this occurred).


Agree with this but would apply, for me, to some Irish fans of other English and Scottish clubs.

A certain ticket seller on a previous version I Res Dubs said he’d prefer to see his favourite English PL team winning ahead of Dublin winning. He tried to backtrack.


Funny that, he spent his time here going just that! The fucker!
Falcon backtrack


Only matter of time before Liverpool score. Everton lacking a decent striker.




10 point lead becomes a 1 point deficit in just 9 weeks. That’s pressure.


Surprised at that result. Lpool struggling for goals in close games. Is it the way Klopper is setting them up?