Premier League 2018/2019



The exception was last year when city wrapped up the league by now. The previous 2 years we sort of fell into challengers when others dropped off - similar to this year , we are hanging around but have never been top - the defeat against wolves really killed it for me.

Top 4 this year will be a decent season this year with the stadium dragging on and the majority of the team going so far in the world cup.


If they’d beaten Burnley, as they should have, they would’ve been two behind ManC and three behind Lpool going into tonight’s games, how was that gone months ago?


Most City fans probably have jobs to go to during the day, in fairness.


Both teams with a very handy next 6 games, although Liverpool play spurs in those games, so if they were gonna slip up anywhere it’d be there. But could easily see both teams go 6/6, would make an exciting last few weeks of the season.


Ah, I thought you were better than jokes about unemployment Beeko.


I really don’t get Irish fans joining in and mocking Liverpool people…many of whom are of Irish decent. Also Liverpool is actually a much different place since joked about unemployment and bin dippers started. Dublin city has many tough areas with high unemployment so I’m surprised at you beeko


Spurs are Spurs, Nobody believed they would do it and I’m sure the players didn’t either as they don’t have a squad to serious compete for the league.
It still remains to be seen if Liverpool do as the next 2 months is when their squad will be stretched.






It seems Irish Liverpool fans are far more befitting of the “touchy” stereotype than native Liverpool fans themselves.


Confidence will bring you along way, Liverpool stayed the pace with city and that in turn put the pressure on City. As for the squads i don’t think liverpool have lost any main players to injury so far. City lost their two main midfield guys during the year , and spurs have had players out from 1 to 11 all year.


Losing Trent alexander Arnold proved far more costly than realised for the brief time that he was out as they struggled to have any real width down the right wing without him but in general they have been lucky with injuries and have covered the CB’s injuries quite well


Mo Salah has gone off the boil a bit the last few games, no?
Sadio Mane stepping up, however.


Just kidding… I didn’t think you were better than that. :wink:


Seems like that didn’t work for you Beeks. :wink:


P45 for me.


You’ve got to make special allowance for some folk.
ManC have yet to play ManU, that will be some challenge, probably drop points. Can’t see Everton holding Lpool.


They both have to play Tottenham at home - which is looking like a worry for Spurs at this stage, especially if Arsenal were to win at the weekend.
Liverpool still to play Chelsea at home, also. Chelsea on their day (whatever day that is) are a banana skin.
That said, you would expect both Liverpool and City to win each and every game from here on but, no doubt, each will drop points.
Liverpool may yet eat into the goal difference to a point where it becomes critical. 15 goals conceded at this stage is phenomenal.


City play Spurs and then Man U 4 days later. They are they only games you can see them dropping points in.

You can see Liverpool dropping points against Everton, Chelsea and Spurs in their remaining fixtures