Premier League 2018/2019


That’s it, that’s the difference to all the other years when they have let it slip, damaging defeats, a period of collapse. Klopp has played it smart, he has cooled it all down by the way they’re playing (much more conservative) and getting results.
They do need to win the next game I feel, any which way and that will turn the momentum for them and keep Citeh under real pressure especially with their other competitions on the go


It will be a great achievement if “we” win it…the midfield while hard working is ordinary with little creativity…the front three need to find the form of last season very quick.


Pochettino has issued an apology for confronting Mike Dean after Tottenham’s loss on Saturday. I believe he has been fined. To his credit, Poch was quick to admit that he had overstepped the line in confronting Dean. Although he has been fined, Poch may have had some success in that Dean will not be the 4th official at Spurs’s game away to Chelsea tomorrow evening, as was planned.
I am quite sure it wasn’t Pochettino’s intention to have Dean removed when confronting him but it does maybe set a precedent.
For the record, I think Dean is a bell end.


Only Spurs could’ve lost to Burnley at that moment. They would be three points off the top if they’d done the business.


Could be top if they didnt loose against wolves and watford. But alas. Burnley beaten tonight they were on a decent run since christmas


Do you like the term “spursy”? :smiley:


Love it.
Heading over for the derby on Saturday so fingers crossed eh


All the neutrals hoping they would steal it from The Big Tw… er One and Lpool


We could be looking at the defining turn in momentum in the Prem title race tonight. Liverpool seem comfortably on the way to 3 points, and ManC are not. Spurs could be almost gone.


City with a dodgy pen and playing at home with plenty of empty seats…big club my h6le.

Liverpool sublime tonight…Anfield bouncing!! TAA with 3 assists was brilliant with the assists…Mane with 2 great goals and despite not scoring Salah looks much improved. As for VVD…he can do no wrong.

Look all Liverpool can do is keep winning…


Cup final hangover? Still 3 points is all they’ll care for.


Were gone when wolves beat us in december. Harsh 2 nil defeat tonight.


Trippier OG tonight? I saw on social media it was a calamity of errors. “Potential” for an upset on Saturday now?


Yeah it was shit OG.


Ole’s run continues. 11 league games 9 wins 2 draws :sunglasses:


Ah stop will ya. Nice new signing though …


Saturday, think you’ll get a reaction from the team. Hopefully last league game at Wembley and it will be full.

Defensive game tonight, 1 shot on target between both teams


Uuuugghhh. That’s the soccer equivalent of the 2011 All Ireland semi final.

Would you take a draw now??


Ah it wasnt that bad

Would take a draw, keep your lot 4 points away.

Arsenal and liverpool up in next 3 games.


Spurs are gone months ago that’s if they were ever title contenders