Premier League 2018/2019


Good point for Liverpool. Could have got all three though if their single shot on target had gone in.


Absolute incredible scenes at Wembley


Overpaid brat. Sarri should have come on with a fag in the mouth and dragged him off by the ear!


Kepa the prick. Should be benched for the rest of the season regardless of who’s manager


That is outrageous.


Sarri is remaining as classy as ever, he said it was a simple misunderstanding between him and his medical team, and that his outburst was unwarranted.


Too classy for chelsea. Actually maybe too classy for soccer!


Don’t know if the premier is going to take on the VAR, but how the f…k, can a ref give a peno after having the chance to see this on Video.


I think he should walk and sue Chelsea for constructive dismissal.


I hope that is what he wants to project to the outside and in the dressing room he tore into the keeper.


Liverpool really need to start clicking…controlled the game for large parts without ever looking like scoring…it’s this time of year that champions really push on…not looking good right now


6 points in in the next 6 days and we’re motoring again. Anything less and we won’t win the league I don’t think.


Liverpool will win this league.




It takes a brave or deluded person to say that after the performance yesterday. Possibly the worst performance by a title challenging team I’ve ever seen.


Agreed. it will be like 1990 with Cork winning the double.


Worse than losing at home to Wolves or away to Leicester?

United had plenty of shite games when winning leagues…

No team ever plays well 100% of the time.


Performance-wise it was shocking. Kept giving the ball away, no fluency, no leadership, no drive. I certainly wouldn’t have them as favourites for it at this point.

And Liverpool haven’t played well consistently since the turn of the year. Worst possible time to go off the boil.


Its normally their sticky patch of the year - They have been getting the results though - thats the main thing


I am a Liverpool supporter and don’t have them as favourites either but yesterday in theory was the toughest away game left. Everton, Newcastle, Cardiff, Southampton, Fulham all away and 6 home games is what remains.

If we don’t win the league this year there’ll be no hard luck story, we simply won’t have deserved to win it.