Premier League 2018/2019


Who do you support?


I find the Liverpool fans bearable, UTD on the other hand!!! I’m a fan of a lower league!!!



Spurs must-win today, to stay in touch. If they can keep this up and then get Kane back shortly they’re in a great position.


Whichever team plays Liverpool. Seriously, not a fan of the wendyball. Whinging crybabies and ponces ALL of them


Reservoir Dubs - You come for the GAA and stay for the reasoned debate.


Major blow for Spurs that, they now need the other two to both mess up


All of them ? What about ex man city player Bert Trautmann who fought on the Russian front and played in the fa cup final in goal with a broken collarbone. Is he tough enough to play hurling?


What’s wendyball??




Bad result especially with chelsea and arsenal up next. Chelsea will always try against us


Can t argue with your logic so I won t


You’re talking about a deceased person playing in the Premier League !! :roll_eyes:


You did not specify premier league you said anyone playing soccer is a whinging nonce . Merely pointing out 1 person who wasn’t.


Correct. If you’ve ever even watched Sunday park football you’ll see them falling over


That’s cause they re still pissed from sat night.



I’ll give ya that . . . :rofl:


3 Utd players gone off injured and Rashford limping for most of game :roll_eyes:


If you are saying soccer is a less physical game than Gaelic football/ hurling well it be hard to disagree with that. I disagree that all soccer players are shy in the physical stakes though. Some players in Gaelic football in particular these days hit the deck easier than their predecessors.