Premier League 2018/2019


Exactly… ■■■■ it best of luck to him but we didn’t need the ‘who shot JR saga’ to go for as long as it has. Anyway its done now and we can get on with it.


Oh there is. A guarantee he won’t!


He is English. Cant blame him for choosing his country. Whether the eligibility rules need altering is another question.


I’d say he does too then he can sign for a decent team like City or Spurs



Had nobody told United this is only the FA Cup?!

Mind you it could get them their Europa League spot.




The good news is that Chelsea had their arse handed to them on a plate.
The bad news is that it was Man Utd who served them the dish.
Man City/Man Utd Final?


Just the confidence booster required ahead of Sunday but Chelsea have gone to the absolute dogs.


They wanted Battersea Power Station to build a new stadium. It’s Battersea Dogs’ Home that they ought to move to.


Chelski are toxic. Sarri gone, just a matter of when. The Higuain project hasn’t worked. Willian not starting is digging your own grave really. And Hazard is off to Real in the Summer. Least he could do is try run amuk there beforehand. He seems to be in the Ozil/Sanchez category of malaise and disinterest.

What’s nost surprising is how many goals they’ve shipped versus when Conte was there. Sarri ball eh.


I thought Hazard tried to the end last night, to be honest.
Willian always has a scowl on his face. What does he want? He got his wish last summer when Conte left.
The Higuain project will never work. Alan Shearer at his best would struggle in that team.


Hazard did everything in his power last night I thought, he was the only bright spot for them


Fair enough, good to hear. Was in work so didn’t see it. But going on the last few months, either he had downed tools or isn’t the player he’s been made out to be.

R.e willian yeah he’s a mopey cnut. But I think he wants to start . Sarri prefers Pedro for some reason. Anyway any implosion at Chelsea is always welcome. Sarri seems like a decent sort, but waaay out of his depth at the moment.



Will probably be appealed and reduced to a slap on the wrist. Would leave them fairly f*cked if it was upheld, with Sarri getting the sack soon what big manager would take on the job if they couldn’t sign players?


is Hazard out of contract in 2020 as well? They would probably have to hold on to him and lose him for nothing then as well


Now is the time, more than ever, for Chelsea to start using their undoubted academy graduates.




Please, please dear Lord don’t let Liverpool win the League !! #insufferablefans