Premier League 2018/2019


I was in that documentary


You Niall Quinn ?




Lee Cattermole?


Jermaine The Foe



That is one of the myths about the premier league, this idea that it is so competitive and other leagues just have one or two teams, I won’t argue that Madrid and Barcelona are not a step above the rest in Spain, but teams like Seville, Athletico Madrid, and others would do very well in the premiership, Seville have won 3 of the last five Europa leagues. And even if you look up the stats for different league winners in both the premiership and the Liga this century they actually don’t vary a lot., both have had 5 different winners and both have been dominated by 2 teams, UTD and Chelsea have won 13 premierships between them and Madrid and Barcelona 15 ligas .
Last year the Liga winners dropped 7 more points than the premiership winners and this year, so far this year the premiership leaders have dropped 16 points in 27 games, the liga leaders have dropped 18 in 23 games.


Former resser, Clayton (sadly missed on here) had a great one… Jermaine Dephobia - the fear of scoring goals.


No not Niall. Niall is a proper Sunderland legend and a great Dublin hurler to boot.

Big one for Spurs later. I fancy ye to get a good result.


‘I fancy ‘ye’ to get a good result’ its ‘yis’ ok ‘yis’.


I cannot confirm nor deny


Maybe he/she meant ‘yeh’ as in the singular


But you haven’t answered about the docu?


no. Danny boy doesn’t ever say ‘yeh’. His Cork/Kerry affiliation prohibits him.


Aha. Should’ve known, with the week that’s in it, innit


The nocturnal animals only ever come out at night and when Kerry win.


The chirpers are clearing their throats to be shure


Rice declared for Engerland, about time


Hope west ham are relegated


Not surprised…he is a born and bred Englishman and will play in major competitions with England…no guarantee with Ireland