Premier League 2018/2019


You can’t win every game in a season. Liverpool have only lost 1 game. They’ve thrown away fcuk all.

In most other seasons they’d be streets ahead and be close to being crowned champions already. City are playing unbelievably well at the moment, if anything it’s a credit to Liverpool to even be in the thick of it never mind potentially 3 points ahead.


Lads to Sarri, When are we kicking off boss? Sarri to lads, Every 15 mins lads!!!


United won the title in 1996-97 with just 75 points. Newcastle, Arsenal and Liverpool all finished next with 68 points … three more than City and Liverpool have now.


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I agree with all that, but it doesn’t hide the fact that Liverpool had a good lead and were clearly in the driving seat, even now winning the league is out of city’s hands. We are talking about last years champios league finalists, not a surprise package.


Are you expecting perfection? Liverpool were always going to drop points, it was just highlighted more because they drew back to back games, even the invincibles drew 12 games. I’d say the next 12 games will say more about their title challenge than 2 draws in January/February, still a long way to go


The Old Trafford game will likely be the toughest game left for Liverpool as it’s always been a difficult place to go and this time United will play like their lives depend on it…even their fans seem to rather not finish 4th if it meant Liverpool lost the league


Liverpool can win this league yet. In fact it’s still in their hands but don’t rule out Totten


thanks @flyingmodem , but dont think spurs will be winning anything this year. All things considered it will be decent year to finish top 4. Big summer ahead trying to keep eriksen , but if ramsey can get 400k a week at Juve i think he will run down his contract or be sold this summer.

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Tottenham are a true teanm, filled with quality and Kane and Eriksen and Alderweireld are amongst the greatest in the world.

My team is Sunderland


Sunderland - interesting choice - a follow on from the irish lads taking over or what was the reason there.

what you make of the Netflix documentary


Talking about Spurs.

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jaysis even @dcr22B is an expert now


I am not expecting perfection, but if you get yourself into the position Liverpool got themselves into, I would expect a top club to hold onto it and they may well do. Liverpool managed to build up a nice cushion and thanks to that cushion they have been able to afford a few poor results, but now they have to kick for home. I support Barcelon here, in the last few weeks Madrid have cut the lead back to 6 points and Barcleona still have to visit Madrid, but the bottomline is if Barça don’t hang on they will have f…ked up.


Absolutely no comparison between La Liga and PL though.

The cliché of there being no easy games in the PL isn’t far off compared to La Liga. Real Madrid, Barca and Atletico Madrid, that’s about the strength of it. Other than when those 3 teams play each other it’s a nailed on 3 points or it should be.

This season alone, Bournemouth beating Chelsea 4-0, Wolves & Leicester beating City show how difficult the PL is. So much money in the PL now that the gap in quality has closed. Fulham a team just promoted this season for instance go out and spend 150M in the summer, incredible. (Granted it’s not exactly working out for them).

Liverpool have won 18 league titles and never in any one of those seasons did they have as many points as they do now after this number of games. That tells you how well they are currently doing and how bloody difficult this season it is to win the league.


It’s not that difficult. Sure City got 100 points and 106 goals - both records.


In 12 of those 18 titles it was only 2pts for a win so mathematically they couldn’t.


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