Premier League 2018/2019


To add insult to injury the 6th goal drops Chelsea to 6th place - below Arsenal on goals scored.

Sergio level with Salah on 17 goals - City difference is 10 better than Liverpool - could be vital. Sergio also level with Shearer on most PL hat-tricks - hopefully he takes that off him before long.


When Mourinho was sacked United were 6th with a GD of 0 and 9pts behind Chelsea in 4th who had a GD of +21. United are now a point ahead of them with a GD of +17 while Chelsea have a GD of +16 :open_mouth:


In fairness Chelsea had a goal difference of +22 at 4 o’clock


Hopefully, Sarri remains in charge for some considerable time, yet.



You’d almost feel Sarri for Chelsea fans


Chelsea have conceded ten goals in their last two away PL games. They need to re-sign David Luiz. No, wait …


Sarri is a bit arrogant. A few weeks ago he said he wouldn’t take a national team job as he was working at a higher level. After losing 4-0 and 6-0 he be lucky if he was offered one. I remember wenger saying arsenal would beat Brazil and they then lost successive games to Bolton and Blackburn. Managers eh.


Sarri. Is all that they can say, words don’t come easily… Poor aul Chelski (*evil cackling).

Old Trafford is going to be some contest at the wknd, I fancy Lpool to win


Sure is seeing as United arent playing there at the weekend…


Was in the kop at the weekend…great atmosphere. Locals very realistic about chances and admit it will be a tough ask to finish ahead of city the way they are playing but they are enjoying being in the title race.

Just hammers home the point the difference between your real average fan who goes to games and those idiots online.


In fairness plenty of idiots go to the games too.


In fairness I think it is down to fear of winning, the bottomline is Liverpool have had a big enough advantage and if they don’t win it, they will have thrown it away. Not having a go or putting pressure on, but if they dont win it is not down to the way city are playing, the lead was there and losing had nothing to do with city. Not really bothered but I do hope pool go on to win.


Fair play for being so honest about yourself :slightly_smiling_face:


Good post … until the last eight words.


Ah I think I dubs on hill 16 are grand lads :wink:


A great chance to finally win it no doubt about it. The game at Old Trafford is huge. I was hoping Chelsea might get a draw yesterday but they were pathetic


They were right in the game … until it kicked off


Didn’t say which wknd, smart-hole. :smirk:


You almost had me convinced, “ah shure wisha, we’ll hardly keep da ball kicked out to us compared to da moighty Arabian-backed Man City, them and all their resources n dat”
Then I thought, wait a minute, this is Lpool fans we’re talking about here, of course they believe they will win it! :grinning: